See How PS5 Loading Times Stack Up Against PC, PS4, Xbox One X On Devil May Cry 5

See how the PS5 loading times on Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition stack up against the PC, PS4 and Xbox One X versions of the game.

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LordoftheCritics34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Would be nice to see the pc ssd specs. Also series x inclusion would have made it more interesting.

SinisterKieran33d ago

Don’t know why people are disliking this as it’s exactly what I thought. These times mean nothing until we know more about the pc and how good series x can load

SullysCigar33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

To me, it means it's far superior to what we currently have. That's enough for me. While I'd be interested to know how it compares to Series S and X, I'm just pleased to see how much better it is than my PS4 and it makes me even more excited to get my PS5.

potatoseal33d ago

PS5 - 2 seconds
PS4 - 22 seconds

That's just beautiful

TheTony31633d ago

I9 10900k rtx 2080 ti 32 gb ram. Nvme 3rd gen samsung 2 TB

gamer780433d ago

It wasn’t tested properly, loading Different levels. Not really super helpful be I appreciate the effort.

32d ago
chiefJohn11732d ago

They all should be under 5 seconds so is it really a big deal?

Gunstar7532d ago

Why does it mean nothing. Or is this a fanwars point?

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Christopher33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Should also be loading the same area and not different ones. And at the same point in the game and not possible replay throughs that could be loading more into the area after originally finishing it.

Edit: And, sadly, none of this will stop the 1m+ of screens I have to wait through just to get to a point where I can play a game. I'm looking especially at you Ubisoft and all your unnecessary more than once messages.


whenever MS allows people to test next gen games on the series x...

chiefJohn11732d ago

This isn't a next Gen game tho lol

Babadook732d ago (Edited 32d ago )

“This isn't a next Gen game tho lol”

I thought it was. It’s a ps5 port I think.

borntodie00733d ago

Would it matter? Even if it's using NVME 4.0. speeds would be way off from the ps5. ps5 uses direct storage that allows the nvme to talk directly to the gpu. PC doesn't do that. i don't event know if the 3000 series even support that. even if it did, the developer would need to add that feature that would be used by 0.01% of players. so maybe it wouldn't be worth it to do so.

warriorcase33d ago

Exactly. Predominantly a PC player myself, the fanboyism needs to take a rest with people. To many people think gen 4 m.2 means fast game speeds. I mean a simple youtube search shows the difference from top tier ssd vs m.2 is a difference of maybe a few seconds.

These faster game times are coming to PC but at a later date. Nvidia are working on their new Nvidia io to release later:

Microsoft are also working on bringing direct storage solutions to windows currently but with no set date.

Ju32d ago

I've 2xGen3 Raid0s, benchmark at 6500MS/s but I can tell you no matter how much brute force bandwidth you throw at a PC, it still tries to load everything into RAM first. Unless PC games can do exactly that, do DMA into VRAM directly (with or without compression), the PS5 will be king in that regards for a long time.
Its not that much of a difference between the NVMes and an SSD on my PC, tbh. Unfortunately. Wonder if PC games will ever make use of DMA into VRAM at all. Velocity engine should theoretically work on the PC as well. I still think it will not beat a purpose build 0 bottle neck interface like the PS5. Not even with Gen4 raid0. It sure is nice, though.

Reefskye33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

"A little quick comparison of the loading times between PS5, PS4, Xbox One X and PC. PS5 footage taken from preview of DMC5SE. time to load a mission takes approximatively 2 to 5 seconds depending on the level, which is really impressive and a game changer compared to this last generation of consoles. PC footage is said to use a SSD."

Ahh the video description so this is what N4G classes as a comparison now, a bunch of slapped together videos. Staged footage of a newer version of DMC5 for PS5 and 3 other videos just pulled from youtube.

soggyfalcon32d ago

I don’t really care about the comparison. PlayStation 5 is loading both last gen and new games in around 2 seconds or less. That’s the important thing here

gravedigger33d ago

I think we will see soon, at least, a BC games loading comparison ( like RDR 2 or MH : World ) since the outlets received PS5 recently

Smclaren198533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The Xbox series x is around the 13 sec on average sometimes less during quick resume. It can take slightly longer on cold boot. There is tones of comparisons on YouTube separately for each console The ps5 is almost instant when you are jumping from game to game. Most games are taking around 2-4 sec cold boot to start which is actually 100 times the speed of ps4 Most of these games haven’t been tweaked to take advantage of the new ssd system Sony has created it’s just the raw power of the ssd but they’ve been consistently faster than anything else on any platform

Sophisticated_Chap32d ago

It would also be nice to know what the PC equivalent game settings are that the PS5 is running the game at, particularly with regards to textures.

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Tech534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

a useless comparison without PC SSD information. they could be using an SSD from 3 years ago...
they got SSDs on PC that hit 7.4 gbs.

badz14933d ago

yeah because more than 50% PC gamer will have that SSD

Father__Merrin33d ago

its only ever a minority that buy high end parts like that then they pretend on here as if thats the standard if you build a pc, no game will be built ground up on ssd for a pc. this gen pc is beat in this area and as time goes on and developers make games that can only be done on fast ssd like cerny said you will see game design differences

ZeroBlue233d ago

SSDs are becoming the standard, and PS5 and XSX to a lesser extent are fast tracking that.

Tiqila33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

100% of gamers will have that in the future... Also, it doesn't matter how many gamers will have what SSD. If you compare flagship consoles to non flagship PCs that's just a stupid comparison. Why not use a PC with an HDD to make the comparison even more unbalanced?

Neonridr32d ago

that's not the point here. Just be clear with what hardware is being tested.

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cartoonx133d ago

@badz149 but no one even have a ps5, there already more ppl that have that ssd on PC thn there are ppl with ps5 atm.

Pricey33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Ha cute. Well when this is revisited in a few weeks time there will be more PS5 gamers capable of loading this game in 2 seconds than there will be PC gamers. Watch this space ...

outsider162433d ago

There are even more people still using an hdd. What can you do?

Neonridr32d ago

@Pricey - yeah but those PS5 speeds are already being eclipsed by PC SSDs.

IRetrouk33d ago

Its not just the speed of the ssd though, thats only one part, the io system is also important, Mark cerny explained this in the dev talk.

SullysCigar33d ago

How people are still not understanding that at this point is worrying lol

IRetrouk33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

People don't listen man, or they choose to ignore, either way, they were told lol

kneon33d ago


The great philosopher George Carlin explained this years ago

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

― George Carlin

Smclaren198533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Thank you , I’m glad someone pointed that out. Mark Cerny latest interview he said they could be hitting 9g/s Possibly higher when they optimize better. Every gaming outlet out there has pointed out it could potentially take years for PCs to catch-up to the speed of Sony’s new system. The series x is no faster than any standard ssd you can get on pc

PertySlick32d ago

I think that is why it would be nice to see a comparison of the load times between the PS5 and a similarly classed PC SSD. That way we could see some kind of metric on the benefits of the PS5's custom I/O architecture. It doesn't matter much at the end of the day. But I am curious.

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cfir33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

On the reddit link they said the streamer on the PC test posted the following as his system spec "I9 10900k rtx 2080 ti 32 gb ram. Nvme 3rd gen samsung 2 TB."
So I'm assuming it's a 970 with 3300/3500 mbps write/read

OpenGL33d ago

That will only work on AMD platforms currently as Intel still does not support PCIe 4.0 so most PC gamers can't take advantage of those speeds.

zacfoldor33d ago

I'd like to see that actually tested. I assume that these games aren't as optimized on PC, so I would be surprised if that reduced PC loading times as much as we assume it would, just going by raw numbers.

In other words, we can benchmark this. Why guess?

MADGameR33d ago

Stop damage controlling bro. The PS5 version will be faster regardless of what kind of SSD you put on PC. This was just the PS5's SSD alone without the Oodell. Had it been Oodell on the PS5, it will be instant loading and there is no PC SSD in the world in the future that can beat that, it can only break even.

warriorcase33d ago

It doesn't work that way. A faster ssd alone doesn't mean drastically faster game loading. Architecture, io and software utilisation play a major role.

Rhythmattic33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

And their lies the problem.... The Architecture.. The PC platform will always have cutting Edger GPU, CPU's , RAM and SSD's, BUT, the Architecture is still bottlenecked by its Legacy Design.
Not saying it wont get better, But people really should understand what a Shared ram pool iS to start with.,.. and the advantages of that alone.. With a PC its SSD > CPU RAM / And GPU Ram.. Its all handled by an I/O chip... Those benefits of brute force are also still held back by the same sub systems..
As for The PS5, I/O does not have to deal with system Overheads like your typical PC... That blazing SSD loads direct to RAM that both CPU/GPU access....... Even Cerny mentions a little teaser, Its got no Bottle necks, and thus , developers could even use it as a type of Ram. Take what you will from that... Its simply simple. Its fast az fk.

Lilrizky32d ago

Not that useless of a comparison if you're like me and and don't give a shit about PC's and would never buy one to want a comparison anyway. For me i want to see how it improves over last gen consoles.

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crazyCoconuts33d ago

PS5 loading time – 2 seconds
PC loading time – 11 seconds
Xbox One X loading time – 17 seconds
PS4 loading time – 22 seconds

Binarycode33d ago

Series x will be the same as PC

warriorcase33d ago

What makes you think that?
Series X will be faster than PC due to new architectural changes much like playstation, which is why microsoft is is working on bringing direct storage to PC also


thornintheside33d ago

makes literally no sense that microsoft would customize a SSD, only to have it perform at the speed as an off the shelf SSD.

just by the specs the Series X, should have an SSD thats half the speed of the PS5 so an quick guess would be somewhere in between 4-6 seconds

r2oB33d ago


Microsoft has announced the speed of their SSD, 2.4 GB/s raw, which is the same as off the shelf SSDs. And since they made no announcement of them removing I/O bottlenecks completely like Sony has, it’s quite likely the SSD will experience a loss in speeds that almost all SSDs have in real world usage (can be as high as 60-80%). It’s highly likely the load speeds will be much less than half that of the PS5. Not to mention there will be other benefits of a much faster and more efficient SSD like freeing idle RAM that holds unused data, so it can be actively used for game processes. It’s going to allow developers to think outside the box for game design choices, as with Ratchet and Clank. The almost instant loading of other levels on the fly just isn’t possible with a slower SSD, unless you store all required data within RAM (but all that idle data lessens the amount of active data that can be used for game purposes).

Zhipp33d ago

Man, we've been over this countless times. M$ has already revealed everything about their io solution. It's beyond old news at this point. Somehow in the ~6 months since they announced it you never bothered to once read up on it, yet you're here talking about something you obviously know nothing about.

Smclaren198533d ago

It is iv watched tones of demonstrations on YouTube .

r2oB32d ago

@ zhipp

I stand corrected, three months ago Microsoft confirmed a guaranteed I/O of 2.4 GB/s raw. Though that’s still about 57% slower than 5.5 GB/s raw. The PS5 SSD controller has 12 channels which allows for more data to be processed in a given time vs. many SSDs, since most use up to 8 channels. I’m curious how many channels are in the Series X SSD controller; I’m not able to locate that info, so perhaps you can share that info with me (I was under the impression it has 8, but I could be wrong).

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alb189933d ago

Normally SX performance is two times the X so it should be 8 seconds with the SX.

Pricey33d ago

So PS5 is 4x faster the Xbox Series X. That said i try to avoid that sort of extrapolation, often the results aren't linear.

alb189933d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yes, I think I'm wrong, it must be 4 seconds with the SX. And that my friend will be the benefit that a PS5 owner will get against the SX....2 seconds, a little less, a little more.
The SSD of the PS5 is two times faster not 4.
The PS5 SSD can manage 5.5GB per second, and this is double the Series X's 2.4GB per second.

Pricey33d ago

I applaud your ability to make numbers smaller. How do you do it?

Ghostbob33d ago

Yeah after watching all the load time videos between Xbox series x and Xbox one it's about half the time for series x.

alb189933d ago

Pricey you said the PS5 is 4X faster....please, explain that... I'll wait :)

Pricey33d ago

That's because you said the series X would take 8 seconds.

WireMucks33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

@alb1899 The only difference is that X's drive speed is theoretical maximum(this is still fast as hell),.. and that 5.5 in the ps5 is defacto throughput,..

gravedigger33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yes, PS5 is up to 4x faster. Recently Oodle texture + Kraken tests pushed PS5 to 15-17 GB/s ON AVERAGE. Cerny's statement at Road to PS5 for 9 GB/s compressed is just with Kraken ( general purpose compression ).

Zip 1.64 to 1
Kraken 1.82 to 1
Zip + Oodle Texture 2.69 to 1
Kraken + Oodle Texture 3.16 to 1

More at the link


4.8 GB/s compressed on XSX is with BCpack ( texture ) + zlib included. Anyway, good stuff on PS5 are coming. On XSX, well...

Smclaren198533d ago (Edited 33d ago )

No it’s not in real world performance go and watch them on YouTube bud there is loads to watch. It’s still taking 15 seconds depending on the game. Ps5 is 2-4 seconds without the games being optimised to take full advantage of the new io through put design Sony has implemented. Which means games will be instant when tweaked .

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Weapon_of_choice33d ago

Xbox will probably match PC speeds, but Sony's 2 seconds is a game changer. I despise loading time

Smclaren198532d ago

It’s really scary almost every single outlet out there has clearly stated the ps5 ssd design is years ahead of anything on the market . It’s also been stated and shown games are almost instant without full optimization . Yet most people on here seem to have missed that lol or choose to ignore it lol

rlow133d ago

Does this surprise anyone?

BillyBrain32d ago

I'm surprised, mostly by the fact that the devs actually did something special for the PS5 version instead of just running it as a BC title with better framerate.

IRetrouk33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Damn the ps5 is fast, that ssd and io system really does seem to be working.