COG Considers: Why Are We Still Talking About P.T.?

This week on COG Considers, we try to figure out why the entire gaming community is still mourning P.T. Is it just because we all want a new Silent Hill game? Probably.

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instantstupor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Partly because we want a new Silent Hills game. But partly because it was teased so interestingly, and wasn't even hinted at at the time. Because it was a cool collaboration between two interesting minds in their respective fields. Because it did something different, and wasn't a bog-standard horror game/walking-sim. And, of course, there's the "forbidden fruit" aspect - Konami took it away, and we always kind of idealize (and desire) what we can't have. It's a potent mix.

Welshy39d ago

The fact that we're still talking about it in 2020 just shows how much of an impact it had and we probably missed out on one of, if not the best, horror games of all time.

I'm a big horror fan and have a pretty good tolerance to "scary" stuff, but PT was one of the only times I literally had full on anxiety and decided to stop playing until another time at the thought of another loop through those halls.

One of the biggest missed opportunities in gaming history imo. #FucKonami

KDblack39d ago

Forbidden fruit is a powerful motivator, yeah. I was pretty excited about Junji Ito's involvement personally. Wish he'd been brought in on Death Stranding.

Inverno39d ago

PT is destined to become a classic, talked about for years to come. It's not simply because we still want a Silent Hill game but because it was a look at what could've become a Silent Hill game and what could've looked promising.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen39d ago

Because it is simply the most brilliant horror game demo ever created. Kojima should focus his quirky odd tastes on making horror games instead of whatever death stranding is supposed to be.

CS739d ago

Now now... You started off great. Death Stranding definitely wasn’t for everyone but it was definitely one of my favourite games of the generation!

Chocoburger39d ago

Yeah, first sentence was fine. Second sentence was cringe.

mikemarsh09639d ago

Yeah, first sentence was ok

Fist4achin39d ago

Konami sucks and pretty much all of their great IPs are lying dormant with the exception of their yearly FIFA game. It's ashame too because they have a lot of good games too.

Mr_Luke39d ago

Who tried that teaser knows exactly why people are asking for it. It was something amazing, from the atmosphere to the puzzle. Of course if you don't like exploring or checking around to solve misteries you don't like it. You need patience. Someone hated it because he/she just run in loop without knowing what to do.

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The story is too old to be commented.