Naughty Dog Drastically Reduces Load Times for The Last of Us Remastered With Latest Patch

It looks like the latest The Last of Us Remastered patch has not only brought in bug fixes but greatly reduced load times as well.

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DeadSilence406d ago


Oodle texture streaming is a literally game changer.

Last of Us Remaster now has better loading than Series X games.

TheScotsman406d ago

Mate I love your comment but your going to take some flac for it but hey I love it lmao

406d ago
S2Killinit406d ago

Thats all you’ll be playing ahahaha

Love your user name though

406d ago
bouzebbal406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

.. I was really surprised how short losing times in Tsushima are.
I'd like to go back to tlou1 just to try the loading times

TheScotsman406d ago


To play Ps3 game is real gamers use there ps3. It's amazing how well it plays all the games.
You on the other hand can't do that as I'd imagine your 360 is sitting with prod issues and scratching all your discs

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Ju406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

500MB patch. Oodle would require asset update which this patch sure does not have. That is probably update to a latest SDK but sure no new art. The loading has quite improved, according to that video, need to give this a go.

Nitrowolf2406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

I doubt its Oodles, that requires a lot more work I assume.
Prob just something one of the other devs noticed in other titles that could be fixed.

excaliburps406d ago

That comment will not go over well...

NeoGamer232406d ago

Nice that they improved the load times. Nice that Sony is showing constant support for their games.

But, there are no facts that back up Last of Us Remaster now has better loading times than Xbox Series X games. That is just a random comment trying to take a shot at XB for absolutely no reason.

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Bathyj405d ago

Sucker punch must have told them how to do this.

Artemidorus405d ago

An old game getting faster load times, whatever next....

chiefJohn117405d ago

Series loaded games in 8 seconds

405d ago
chiefJohn117405d ago

Wow Really? can you link it? Thats amazing

405d ago
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Good-Smurf406d ago

Man I'm going to reinstall my disc version just to see how much faster it loads!
Typically on my dusty PS4,the disc takes something like over a minute to load from saved game sometimes longer.
This brings the loading down to just over 10 seconds or less.
When they can do the same with TLOU2 that would be the icing on the cake!

Bigman4k406d ago

Do that then come back here and tell us

shabz666405d ago

any change? tlou is still one of the best games of the last 10 years imo

Good-Smurf405d ago

Too bad my PS4 disc drive had wear out and won't read some of my games past main menu even if they don't have any scratch which is weird since it can load the needed data to start the disc no problem but when I try to play it said my disc were scratched or dirty.

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andron406d ago

Nice. Must play more of this.

Minute Man 721406d ago (Edited 406d ago )

Wait a guys still play old games 🤔🤔

ArchangelMike405d ago (Edited 405d ago )

Yeah right. Don't pretent as though you're the only human being that doesn't have a backlog.

Everyone has a backlog.

Minute Man 721405d ago

Over 100 games 😟 one day thou

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