10 Long-Lost PlayStation Franchises That Need a PS5 Revival

Nelia writes: "There are plenty of older PlayStation franchises that deserve a PS5 revival. Here's a list of some that deserve it the most."

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Alexious38d ago

Parasite Eve would be great.

Ratchet7538d ago

That's a square Enix franchise.

Minute Man 72137d ago

Shhhh 🤐 don't ruin it for them

phoenixwing38d ago

Legend of dragoon would be good.

Pughski38d ago

If only. One of my favorite RPGs as a kid

phoenixwing38d ago

I don't know why more jrpgs haven't stolen off of the addition system in that game it's really satisfying

Pughski38d ago

It was just so damn fun. Everything about it I loved.

Relientk7738d ago

Legend of Dragoon
Dark Cloud
Rogue Galaxy
Ape Escape
Syphon Filter
Sly Cooper
Twisted Metal
Tiny Tank

Hellcat202038d ago

Folklore is a true hidden gem

RPGer38d ago

Is it worth it for now? Or didn't aged well?

curtain_swoosh37d ago


its.... a good game, a really good game. but only if your into occult/fairytale stuff. but its definitely a watch/play :)

SamTheGamer38d ago

Twisted Metal was so much fun.

roadkillers38d ago

Yeah, give the crackball Jaffe some work. He may have went off the rails, but he is the father of both Twisted Metal and God of War.

1Victor38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Jumping flash VR
Warhawk the original on VR and the remake plus sequel

SullysCigar38d ago

Hell yeah, especially Warhawk VR!

Ulf38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Folklore was top 5 RPGs of the PS3/360 era. Maybe Top 3... and we'll never see it again.

Ratchet7538d ago

Jak and daxter
Star hawk
The order 1886

jivah38d ago

Id take a modern reboot on Brave fencer Musashi. Maybe a new Tenchu. Heavenly sword would be sick. Mention Klonoa and I might get a little excited too lol

Relientk7737d ago

Only reason I didn't mention Brave Fencer Musashi or Tenchu is because Sony doesn't own them. I'll take all the games you listed, they should all return.

Michiel198937d ago

put Fear Effect on there as well, belong in that list with ps1 games ;)

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CrimsonWing6938d ago

I’m just shocked that Square doesn’t do more Remakes of older IPs. Xenogears and Parasite Eve would be killer... although 3rd birthday does make me lose faith in Square being able to make a decent Parasite Eve game, but if they treated it like Capcom treated RE2 then it’d be incredible.

Ratty38d ago

Agreed. I'd love to see this come true but Xenogears and Parasite Eve aren't popular enough. Xenogears has an intense but small cult following. I'd rather see a new Xenogears but I'd definitely take a well-made remake or hell even a remaster with high definition sprites and environments. If they were to give it the same treatment as FF7 it'd probably take over a decade to make.

Parasite Eve might have more luck at a remake... especially if Square wants to ride Capcom's trend of remaking classic Resident Evil titles.

lonewolf1038d ago

PE and Resistance for me off of that list.

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The story is too old to be commented.