Watch Dogs: Legion Should Double Down On Character Variation

Every now and then a game will saunter into orbit armed with something genuinely disruptive in its approach. Much has been made of Watch Dogs: Legion’s “play as anyone” concept, allowing you to rebuild hacker collective Ded-Sec from the ground up with a cast of characters defined entirely by your own preferences. Given its clear focus on such a mechanic, and with the promise of significant post launch DLC, this feature is ripe for expansion.

They have shown Grandma rocking a taser, a pub geezer with cockney stereotype settings cranked up to maximum, and even an ode to Mr. Wick himself with a suited and booted assassin. These are all viable options, and will likely lead to some amusing streams of folks building out OAP only squads or attempting lethal runs as efficiently as possible.

But why stop there?

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