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Ghost of Tsushima Legends is remarkable. Free high-effort content with an extremely satisfying progression system integrated into it.

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TheScotsman34d ago

I don't think you ever played the first game so much as this to me feels like a natural addition to the game, survival mode is awesome . I find it very polished and very enjoyable on all the missions. Raid sounds awesome to although I want them to release that after 19th November alongside the ps5 patch, this whole game with haptic feedback and 60fps gets me excited

baremunro33d ago

Thanks for your comment! I actually loved the base game, one of my favourite games of the year.

I just found the story missions lacklustre and thought that the new enemy types perhaps warranted some minor gameplay tweaks. I love the survival mode and everything else about it, but it pretty much forces you through those story missions until your Ki is high enough to try Survival.

Just my view on the DLC, I get I am likely in the minority in having issues with it, but overall I really dig it.

DEEBO34d ago

Always that one huh?
Hey everyone look at me! Ghost sucks,give my site some traffic please.

I remember when I use to like game journalists now everybody with computer wants to blog.

baremunro33d ago

Not sure where you got "Ghost sucks" from, but if it helps you write your snarky comments then go for it.

Ghost is one of my favourite games of the year and I just had some minor issues with the DLC, that's all. I was mostly positive and only underlined my personal issues with the story missions.

Not everyone has the same opinion on games and that's fine. Perhaps work on your temper and mannerisms, everything is going to be okay :)

33d ago
AnotherGamer34d ago

Difficult to enjoy? Seriously?

baremunro33d ago

Hey! Not sure if you read the article, but I found the story missions hard to enjoy, yes.

When the game pretty much forces you to play through them so that your Ki is high enough to play the better game modes, I believe that holds agency over the whole experience.

Thanks for your comment nonetheless

Duke1934d ago

I really enjoyed the single player, but the DLC aint for me. Not a big fan of the arcady-ness, but appreciate how impressive it is for FREE DLC none-the-less

oof4634d ago

Different strokes for different folks...I guess? (shrugs)

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