With Two Massive Titles, Will Ubisoft Own Next Gen Launch Week?

With two juggernauts launching alongside PS5 and Xbox Series X / Series S, will Ubisoft own launch week next month?

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SyntheticForm42d ago

Definitely going for AC Valhalla on PS5.

Looking forward to the game and how the PS5 leverages its power.

AC Odyssey's loading drove me nuts.

neutralgamer199242d ago

I do wonder if past ubi games will get next gen patches

ZeroBlue242d ago

Ubisoft has become way too formulaic for me in recent years, all of their games kinda feel mostly the same. To each their own though.

RosweeSon42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Agreed far cry (enter a number, change the protagonist 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 ) assassins creed isn’t much better and when there’s 4/5 different editions all with their own dlcs and extra missions ripped from main game then a season pass on top and a sequel within 12 months 😅😳🤷 27995;‍♂️😂 defo a series I can wait on and get 2 for price of one. Watch dogs looks alright but £70 helll nah haha. Ubisoft make good games but ever truly excellent exceptional GOTY contenders. Nope. Solid 8/10 standard 🤷🏻‍♂️😜

neutralgamer199242d ago

Exactly copy and paste game development when their IP's have so much potential. People don't realize if ubi don't start making better decisions they maybe the next publisher to be sold. They aren't in any sort of stable financial situation

esemce42d ago

Yeah after Black flag and Farcry 3 it was a lot of rehashing.

TheOptimist42d ago

Two shitty titles, no way are they dominating. They haven't made a good game since R6S.

MrNinosan42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

3 games within 5 weeks from Ubisoft and I’m interested in all of them.
Watch Dogs Legions seems to be an interesting change to that serie. AC: Valhall serms to be as amazing as both Origins and Odyssey, if not even better.
And then we have Immortals Fenyx Rising which I already love without touching it.

Will be an amzing end to this year 👍

RosweeSon42d ago

Or a cheap start to next year ;)

neutralgamer199242d ago

Hopefully AC games won't have the XO boosters that otherwise require you to waste a lot of time on doing side fetch quests

RosweeSon42d ago

No. I won’t be getting anything from them until 3-6 months down the line when it’s being dropped to barely £20 ready for next years entry. Great or at least pretty decent games but a new one each year and £70 a pop these days, no chance. Spider-miles and Observer will do me.

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The story is too old to be commented.