Xbox ANZ Is Teasing Something Related To The Series X

Update: Tune in November 9th. The 9th November has now been locked in. As previously mentioned, it seems like this teaser is tied to the system's launch, as it's taking place exactly an hour before the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch (New Zealand time) on 10th November. The same date has been shared on Xbox's Mexico Twitter.

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TheScotsman887d ago

Maybe they have a game to show that's next gen and coming out at launch, only now that would be special

StarLink887d ago

Bet 100% it will be just a luanch type of party for Xbox Series X/S since they will be one of the first to get it over there.

gravedigger887d ago

Yep. Probably NZ and AU will have launch earlier because time difference compared to the rest of the world

Aussiesummer887d ago

Every time I see ANZ I think of the bank.