Final Fantasy VII Remake Update 1.01 Is Out, File Size and Patch Notes

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been updated to version 1.01 on PS4. Here's the file size of this update and the patch notes as seen on PS4.

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TricksterArrow39d ago

“Fixed various bugs”. There.

richierich39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Apart from bug fixes I hope this also means upcoming PS5 enhancements

franwex38d ago

Wouldn’t the update be for the ps5 rather than the ps4?

I too hope for some ps5 enhancements.

porkChop37d ago

That's what I've been thinking. Why would a PS4 update affect the game on PS5? You'd think there would be a separate update for that.

LucasRuinedChildhood38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Probably just making sure it works properly on PS5, tbh. I wouldn't expect any big upgrades. BC likely won't do much for this game because the framerate is already locked but at least everyone can play the Pro version rather the base version on PS5 now.

That being said, the game did have some issues with loading textures but that probably wasn't due to the speed of the HDD and I think that was simply a bug so an SSD is unlikely to resolve that issue. Perhaps? We'll see.

Smclaren198538d ago

Yeah I do think it could be a bit of both slow hd and the way it was optimized, could also be a ram issue . It would make the game so much more enjoyable if we had no loading etc

Smclaren198538d ago

Yeah could just be for back combat just now. Fingers crossed we get a proper patch that takes advantage of ps5 scrubbing all loading 60fps higher resolution that would be more than enough reason for another play through 😁

garos8238d ago

its still astounds me how the game came out without a single update till now. The game is almost flawless on the ps4

Smclaren198538d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Seriously that’s the only update? Are you sure ? That’s incredible if it is like far too many devs these days rush the game out the door with plans to fix it later with patches. I just seen it’s patch 1.01 so your right that’s crazy and very rare

garos8238d ago

it is indeed a rare thing or even unheard of these days. i remember thinking this as i was playing the game. no day 1 patch and indeed no patches at all. im sure this patch is for ps5 compatibility

Vanfernal38d ago

I'm surprised they didn't address the missing textures.

dumahim38d ago

Only problem I noticed was some really low level textures in odd places.

TitaniumExposed_VIP38d ago

If the game needs any new code to be compatible with the PS5 that will be delivered on the PS5 not the PS4

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SDuck38d ago

Hopefully it's a sign the exclusivity contract is running out and the PC port is coming soon

SDuck38d ago

the game only has a temporary exclusivity contract with Sony

Smclaren198538d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I’m pretty sure it was a 1year exclusive I could be wrong but I’m sure I heard that

SDuck38d ago

Upon googling it, seems you're right. March 3rd is the day it ends the exclusivity

bRuud8338d ago

I still have to pick this one up, but my backlog is just to big and as a parent not enough time to play.

Smclaren198538d ago

😂 yeah I know what you mean so many great games over the last 2 years on PlayStation Sony have made some incredible games this generation like

Popsicle38d ago

I would recommend you put it near the top of the backlog. For me it was one of the most fun games of the generation. I cannot wait for part 2!

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