Do You Have Gamer’s Block?

Has gaming lost its magic? Are you unable to find a game worth your time? Do you scroll endlessly through your library and waste time watching trailers - but nothing engages you? You might have Gamer's Block! Don't worry though, there's hope for you yet.

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ziggurcat35d ago

I am experiencing exactly that right now.

SullysCigar35d ago

I got that and it was an awful feeling. I felt like I'd lost a hobby and nothing excited me. Then I found VR and it was so different, it reignited my passion for gaming.

I'm excited for flat games now too, i just needed something fresh to jolt me back into enjoying games again.

sandoozee35d ago

That's exactly one of the ways to deal with it we touched on! Playing something just to ignite your love of gaming again. I tend to go back to old games that I love

ziggurcat34d ago

I'm just trying to find something that isn't an annoying, tedious grind.

potatoseal35d ago

Well I hope you can get your gaming passions flaring sooner rather than later, because man it's fun when they are at full speed.

potatoseal35d ago

I mean this with all due respect. But I believe people who subscirbe to something like GamePass would be at an extremely high risk of something like this. Also PC gamers who have a heap of games on Steam. When you're 'spoiled for choice' you might not end up choosing anything at all or you might not give a certain game enough of a chance to grow on you and before you know it, you've got the dreaded 'gamers block'.

I mean when a game has a feeling of having little to no 'monetary' value (either you've got access to 100 games at your fingertips or 100's in your backlog), it could heighten the chances of gamers block drastically.

The same thing would happen to me back in the day when I had a 'chipped' or 'hacked' PS1. I would have a Folder filled with copied games that I could play and before too long, being spoiled for choice, a lot of times I wouldn't choose any game or I wouldn't give a game enough time because I became bored and games just wouldn't grab me anymore.

I also believe when people can't or won't seem to finish many games, if any at all, is a sort of 'gamers block'. You never can end up playing a game to it's end. Maybe being older and having more responsibilities in life can also put you at a much higher risk at some sort of 'gamers block' too. I have suffered from this before in the past and it's scares the shit out of me. I want, to WANT, to game for the rest of my life. I don't ever want that feeling to go away ever again.

How I think I got over my own 'Gamer's Block' was buying a single physical game and just playing it. It has an obvious higher monetary value because it's cost was full price. Stop buying every cheap game you see and adding to your massive backlog. I just bought a single newly released full price game and put all other games out of sight and out of mind. I played the shit out of it and I kind of found my passion for gaming again. Since then, Trophies have also helped me in so many ways with 'Gamer's Block'. Having something to strive for, a goal to achieve.

I'm so sorry for the long post but this topic has plagued me, intrigued and worried the f*ck out of me for a very long part of my life. Also, I have many friends that have suffered or are suffering from this right now and it bothers them. I'm so thankful that I was able to push through it. Now I'm playing so many games and I've got nearly 150 Platinum trophies to my name. Next Gen in upon us and 'Gamer's Block' is a million miles away and it's a great feeling for me personally.

sandoozee35d ago

I can definitely understand where you're coming from. When I first signed up for PlayStation now I was so overwhelmed with choice that I kinda burnt myself or hoping from game to game.
My girlfriend on the other hand, someone who can never get into games, has put a couple hundred hours into games from that service now. She found two games that she absolutely loves and they've enticed her to try others.
It differs person to person really but having unlimited choice without the cost of new games effecting you can trigger games block for some

SullysCigar35d ago

Yup, i agree with both of you guys. I had a similar situation when PS Plus first became a thing and we were getting several games each month for free. On the one hand it's great, because you get to try games you'd never have dreamt of buying and you might find something that surprises you...but on the other hand, games seem to lose their value. They become disposable consumables that have 10 minutes to hook you before you delete it and move to the next game.

When you buy games, you give them a chance, because you don't want to have wasted the money you spent. That doesn't mean you'll suddenly like them, but it means you persevered. I've heard people claim certain games have shallow fighting mechanics because they haven't even played long enough to unlock the skill trees, before shouting "NEXT" like a petulant child lol

These are the times we live in. I'm glad I'm staying old school - pick a couple of reviewers that like the same stuff as me, buy the game and wring it out for all it's got!

Omnisonne34d ago

I've dealt with it quite a few times too, but it doesn't worry me too much, it seems to come and go in waves.
If for some reason I just can't enjoy anything, there's usually a good reason for it (i.e stuff I need to take care of IRL) and then after a few weeks without playing much, I often stumble upon a game that I just can't put down and all the excitement to dive in comes right back.

NSANiTY34d ago

Yeah, I think this is the problem I had. I was fine on console when I would just go a game or two at a time. But I finally put together a new PC that could play most the newer games out there and with a huge list of all those free games I aquired over time from Epic Games Store, bunch of stuff on Steam and older games to install again. I think it was just the sheer amount of choices that screwed me for a little while.

I wanted to play a game, then I go to scroll through a huge list of games I could play and just found myself hitting the end of the list(s) and not picking anything and going back to watching a TV show or a Movie instead. I finally just pushed myself to play a game that I only really played the intro level on and was finally havin some fun with games again. Really weird feeling wanting to play and just not being able to decide. Think that was the first time that happened to me in my 35 year gaming career, heh.

Atom66635d ago

I usually reach it when I finish a game that has consumed a lot of time. The open world "checkbox" games are some of my favorites, but one of those usually takes me a full month or two to get through.

Then it's a question of starting another longer experience, or spending those limited gaming hours on something shorter. There's also retro games. I might fire up an old title just to revisit it. Or on PC, check out a new mod for an older title and just mess around.

I have a stable of go-to games for short bursts. That's usually when I go to my MP favorites. So for a couple weeks I might play Madden (still getting in that NCAA '14 time while we can too), The Show, Smash, MCC, or COD. Nothing breaks up the monotony you might be feeling more than some competitive/social gaming. And vice-versa. If all you play is MP, switch it up and play through a longer SP title.

In between games, I'll try out one of the smaller titles I skipped either on PS Plus or GP. After TLOU2, I went and did a full 180 and played Battletoads.

After a while, I'm ready to dive into another "AAA SP experience." If all you're into are those types of games, there's still variety available for you. Mix it up a bit. We've never had more games at our disposal.

Some might think that "too many games" is a problem, but it can be the solution if you're open to it. Try something new that you missed, or look for something in a new genre. That's why all of these services are great.Back in the day, we would have a handful of purchased games that we might get on birthdays or xmas, but in between -- you'd either be replaying old stuff or renting games. Same is true today, except there's 100X as much to dig into.

Oh, and do some non-gaming stuff too. It's OK not to be gaming 365.