6 Ways of Improving Breath of the Wild’s Sequel

KeenGamer: "The beloved Breath of the Wild is not without its flaws. Our list highlights these weaker areas in the hope of seeing them rectified in the sequel. While we first have the Age of Calamity prequel to look forward to, Ganon’s return is nigh. For a more gripping experience, we hope Nintendo considers these Breath of the Wild sequel improvements."

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phoenixwing45d ago

Permanent weapons would be a huge improvement

Nodoze44d ago

THIS!! Remove the ridiculous breakable master sword. A ridiculous mechanic that needs to be eliminated.

septemberindecember44d ago

I liked it, and would prefer they didn't remove it.

44d ago
Neonridr44d ago

I don't mind durability. But give us a blacksmith or something for pete's sake. Let us repair our stuff.

potatoseal45d ago

Don't have just 'puzzle shrines'. It can be argued that the game is a glorified puzzle game. Have actual Dungeons with puzzles and monsters and mini bosses in there and make it feel like you're earning something valuable for going through them.

Weapon degradation is nowhere near as fun as just earning new weapons or getting materials to upgrade the weapons you have and like. Don't have them break down.

DO NOT, add 900 collectables, like Seeds. It's boring as hell and complete overkill.

More enemy variety.

Better and more thought out side quests, instead of the terribly bland and boring ones they had. Make LESS of them but make them more deep and meaningful.

You don't need 120 'shrines'. Quality over quantity. Once again, make less, but make them more intricate, challenging and rewarding as I said above. Dungeons/Shrines

I only played the game once when it came out, but I did every single Shrine and got well over 100 seeds. There is so much that can be improved upon.

The game was not a 10. More of an 8/10 or a 9/10.

Levii_9244d ago

I agree with everything that you said especially quality over quantity and yes it’s not a 10 and it never was but it is an excellent game and the open world design is top notch.. the main star of the show.

Levii_9244d ago

Permanent weapons and shields,actual story,better end game stuff and jesus christ better battle and shrine themes please.

44d ago
fitofficial44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

-fix durability with perms or repairs
-less forced animations buying items or upgrading armor
-fix lock-on
-longer dungeons
-unique equipment and better rewards for exploration
-recipe book you can re-cook without selecting ingredients each time

averagejoe2644d ago (Edited 44d ago )

- A full, interesting story
- An explorable world filled with more than repetitive shrines and copy/paste enemies
- Better weapon system

nommers44d ago

Why are people even mentioning story? I mean it would be nice but it's completely bizarre for anyone to expect zelda games to have a good story when they never did.

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