Seeing A Divine Beast For The First Time Is Still The Most Memorable Part Of Breath Of The Wild

TheGamer Writes "I’ll never forget the first time I saw a Divine Beast. If you've played Breath of the Wild, I bet there's a good chance you won't either."

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CDbiggen265d ago

I don't remember any of them. I do remember encountering a Guardian for the first time however, that was great.

mkis007265d ago

Gave me creepy vibes. I avoided them so much for so long until I realized I needed to be able to defeat them. Spent 30 minutes perfecting my lazer parry. Never feared them again.

Yi-Long265d ago

Also one of the best ‘feelings’ in gaming when you parry that laser and it bounces right back and blows them to smithereens …

porkChop265d ago

Yeah encountering your first Guardian is more memorable. I didn't really remember the divine beasts, other than the one that flies. That one stuck out for obvious reasons.

mynameisthumper265d ago

i don’t remember any of them, but “divine beast” did make me think of Jade Cocoon, which i’m now going to go play for the millionth time :)

rlow1265d ago

Great game that had so much in it. Definitely for me one of the Best Zelda games.

Concertoine265d ago

The flying one caught my eye. Doing that dungeon flying over the map was one of the best parts of the game for me

HansyJ265d ago

No it wasn’t lol not even a little bit

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Everything in Tears of the Kingdom is Temporary, and it’s Annoying

Shaz from GL writes: “Tears of the Kingdom retreads many of the same waters as Breath of the wild, taking away much of its magic and outlining its many frustrating elements”

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closed_account70d ago

Wow, I had no idea creations start disappearing like that. I haven't played yet and the building of machines seemed pretty awesome.. but if they get destroyed after a short period of time, what's the point? I would want to keep my favorite creations across the entirety of my adventure. :\

I sure hope they rework this on the next console after Switch. I'm actually surprised this didn't lower some of the 10/10 scores.

phoenixwing70d ago

the rabid nintendo fans would probably have sent death threats if it got lowered

senorfartcushion69d ago

Always thinking of rabid fanbases means that you’re rabid too.

GryestOfBluSkies69d ago

You can save your creations to have them automatically rebuilt, as long as you have the resources for it

Vx_68d ago

one of the most boring games of the year

Christopher69d ago

I mean, I've always hated weapon deterioration and that's normal for the game, so those creations have a limited lifespan built in. As far as creations in the world, I think it's a bit much to expect those to last. That's a lot for the game to remember and track let alone with how many things can and are created.

closed_account69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Too much to expect for a Switch, sure. But it would be nice to retain at least 10 creations longterm if they ever remaster this for the next console. Like a gta garage almost. Clear out the ones you don't want anymore. I'd like an airship that I can continuously fly around the world. Be able to take several out at once. (I can imagine leaving them in strategic spots, set like a cross-country rally. People streaming their fastest times.)

I really think I'll just wait for a next gen remaster. I'm still playing Breath of the Wild and enjoying it. I've read that it can be hard to go back to after Tears bc of the re-used world, so I'd like to continue getting the most out of Breath of the Wild.

As for the quickly degrading weapons, I always hated that too. Wish they lasted longer, or you could cast a spell to retain at least 3 or so of your favorites. it is what it is though, and I'm not going to stop playing just bc of that. I really like the atmosphere of the game.

**Edit - For reference, you can retain many, many creations on Lego Worlds even on a Switch, albeit not vehicles. Also the rest of the game isn't nearly as complex as the Zelda games, the draw distance is horrendous and over all a buggy mess. Still, I'm confident that a next gen Tears of the Kingdom remaster could handle a garage worth of creations.

Concertoine69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Not to mention it wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. A lot of crafts are used for moments in gameplay, why should they be littering the world and disrupting the scenery? Sometimes the devs place vehicles or parts as a hint or gameplay option, but if those vehicles are coexisting along random vehicles that would be impossible to distinguish. The system the devs chose (build whatever with free local resources or craft anything with materials) makes the most sense and gives the least cluttered experience.

closed_account69d ago

Sure I agree on that point, but what about end game? I'd like for it open up to full freedom after you've finished everything. Would give incentive to keep playing.

BrainSyphoned69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Switch doesn't have the option to cut its FPS in half like the excuse Bethesda is pushing for Starfield's 30fps. Vanishing items or 15fps Zelda.

Zhipp69d ago

Switch just doesn't have the memory to handle that many persistent items in the world. That was actually the reason for the Blood Moons as well. It allows the game world to reset and free up memory before it becomes a problem.

meganick69d ago

The blood moon is about keeping enemies in the world. Otherwise there would be no threats if you’ve killed all the enemies and they never returned.

fr0sty69d ago

Framerate would have to do with how fast the GPU could draw everything. This issue has to do with not being able to fit everything in RAM, so even if the game ran at 5fps, it wouldn't free up the RAM needed to fit more items. The same textures, assets, sound, etc have to go into RAM regardless of how fast the GPU is drawing frames.