Yasuhiro Otori Interview: Questions About the Internal Design of the PS5

Zenji Nishikawa writes: "I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Yasuhiro Otori (Sony Interactive Entertainment PS Product Division, Hardware Design Division, Mechanical Design Department), who recently revealed the internals of the PS5 in a breakdown video. I was able to question Mr. Otori on additional details that weren't expressed in the original breakdown video."

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morganfell43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

There is some really good information in the latter part of this article and specifically they detail compatible SSD expansion sizes. A great deal of depth also on the materials and reasons for design choices, particularly the size being driven by the desire for a single mainboard construction.

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SullysCigar42d ago

Yeah, it was interesting to get a little more insight on specifics. I was interested to find out that volumetrically the PS5 is only 5% larger than the Series X given all the fuss that's been made. In fact, if you look at both versions of the PS5, it's actually slightly smaller overall than the SX. It's funny because everyone was in agreement that the PS5 at least seemed bigger going on what we've seen.

The thing is, the Series X is shaped like a block, which is deceptively spacious compared to something more sculpted. At the end of the day, they're both big, but if that means they're reliable, cool and quiet, I'm fine with that.

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crazyCoconuts43d ago

"The volume of the competing product " Xbox Series X " is about 6.86ℓ, so compared to this, the normal PS5 is about 1.05 times, and the PS5 digital edition is about 0.93 times. "

Christopher42d ago

I'll barely be able to squeeze the PS5 into my current entertainment area situation with it standing vertical next to the TV. I'm going to have to invest in a new TV stand before I get my Series X late next year. Otherwise, it's just not going to work.

ziggurcat42d ago

Yeah, I gotta figure out my situation, too. I think I have room on the top of the cabinet I have, but it'll be tight.

Baza42d ago

Yea this thing ain’t gonna fit in my TV stand. Oh well. More than happy to make room for this beast!

crazyCoconuts42d ago

It'll fit fine in my rack laying horizontally

Christopher42d ago

@crazyCoconuts: I have 16" space horizontally (4 spots at 10x16" in size). If it was a good 2" space, I'd consider it, but that's only 0.6" for all that heat dissipation. I'm not going to take that chance. My plan is to buy a new unit that gets rid of separators and instead uses rear shelf braces for TV support throughout and just one long shelf below it.

Muzikguy42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I'm just going to put my PS5 on top of a speaker. I will have to invest in an HDMI splitter though since there's no optical out this time

Bobertt42d ago

Get a drill, nails, and some wood.

FyBy41d ago

It should fit into any standard tv closet. It has sub hifi dimensions.

Christopher40d ago

***standard tv closet***

Most "TV closets" do not support 16" width or standing, actually. Most "TV closets" are designed around sub-42" TV sizes and drawers/shelves to match. Now, TV stands, do have a larger focus on wider shelving and more open. I have one of those from about 14 years ago, great for my 65" TV. But, just not enough space on the shelves for it.

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aaronaton43d ago

He said the fan is so big so it can run at less RPM, meaning it'll be quieter than most other fans.
He also stated that having the PS5 vertical or horizontal has no effect on cooling.

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