Microsoft Is Already Working On Future Xbox Series Iterations

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S aren't even coming out until next month, but Microsoft has confirmed that it has "already started" iterating on Xbox Series hardware for the future.

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ziggurcat366d ago

I would be happy with a digital edition of the Series X (i.e. the rumoured Series V from about a month ago). I want all of my consoles to be discless this time around, and I can't justify a Series S anymore after some of the more recent info.

TravsVoid366d ago

I'd rather them make a Series S with a disk drive.

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Mr Pumblechook366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I suspect the next-next-gen Xbox have more memory allocated to the user interface to allow players to interact with games in more advanced ways. And hopefully, there will be internal revisions to the controller to allow greater variations of physical feedback for the player.

BQ32366d ago

Why a series s with a drive, at that point your only 100 away from twice the console.

Darkborn366d ago

@BQ32 triple the console*

jaymacx366d ago

MS needs to realize that their number one focus should be games. Not 1000 color variations of controllers and talk of more consoles.

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StoneyYoshi366d ago


I think a Diskless XSX would be the smarter choice.

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SullysCigar366d ago

Maybe they're working on increasing the heat dissipation? That's always a plus.

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nickanasty206366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

I can understand to a certain point why you would want this, but you limit your store markets so much that you don't have too many outlets to save money on digital games. Several times I notice digital games continue to keep their value in proprietary store fronts, while physical copies go on sale with in months of a game release. My only issue with digital is that there isn't much competition out there for deals on games, which is why i still stick with physical, other than my other motive of collecting physical copies of games. I think the only other digital store front that sometimes has deals on games when you go digital is CDKeys, and generally those digital counterparts are still more expensive than buying a physical copy. You also miss out on letting friends borrow or trade games with you, on top of being able to sell a game if you are completely done with it.

ziggurcat366d ago

I've been all digital 95% of this gen, so going all digita hasn't been a problem for me.

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Father__Merrin366d ago

you wont be able to keep everyone happy some will prefer a series x digital and series s with disc etc. if they do release series x digital it will be headache to jumble 3 console around

RgR365d ago

You'd be doing yourself a disservice for not buying an S.

The S is xboxs main console for next gen.

Getting the x is great and all but until we see performance reviews of games running on S it may be a complete waste to invest on the X this coming gen. Simply because the exclusives won't really take real advantage of the X

You can go did less with the playstation and be first the same quality as the other version.

nickanasty206365d ago

I bought the Series X for the purpose of being able to go back and play great games from last gen at better framerates and for better in game latency responses with the controller. My TV supports VRR and Freesync, so playing BC games at their best was definitely in my interest, especially with such a huge backlog. I see the value of the S, but the difference between the S and the X performance wise is like the difference between buying a NVIDIA 1070 and having a 3080. If you still only have a 1080p TV then absolutely, the S is all you need, if you have a 4K tv with VRR and Freesync it makes more sense to have an X and experience your backlog with the highest framerates. Another great reason to get the X or a PS5, is performance on Cyberpunk, as it will not have a day one update for next gen consoles. Naturally it is going to look best and play best on a true next gen machine. That game looks like its going to be rough to run on PS4 and Xbox One X with everything that is going on. Likely a sub 30fps with massive graphical downgrades, which doesn't suit an FPS style game very well. Sure Destiny runs at 30fps on current gen, but wouldn't you want to play it at at least 60fps if you can for just another 200 dollars?

NeoGamer232365d ago

There should be a build-your-own console...

Choose Resolution (1440p or 4K)
Choose HDD Size (.5 - 8 TB)
Choose Blu-ray or not (Y/N)

Click finish and you get a console you want.

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Chunky007366d ago

Standard for all companies i'd say, working on improving component costs, poss slim version etc. Guaranteed sony is also working on similar, nintendo etc

Obscure_Observer366d ago

Yeah, I think the people that were expecting MS to leave the console business to become some third party publisher, will be greatly disappointed

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ShadowWolf712365d ago

Yeah, it's not like Sega was planning for future hardware when they released the Dreamcast or anything...

This kinda isn't an argument against that. lol

SullysCigar366d ago

I'd imagine all 3 companies are constantly developing the next iteration to some degree, but it does seem odd to make that information public before the product has even launched!

Surely it could make people hesitant to buy if they've already had their mind shifted to the improved version already in the works.

kneon365d ago

Exactly. this isn't news. Do people think the engineers all go on vacation for 5 years after a new gen starts? The week after the design is finalized they are already thinking about what to do next.

DJStotty366d ago

This is standard practice, R&D on the next console starts when and sometimes before, the new console is released.

UnholyLight365d ago

I don't think people realize the amount of R&D that goes into creating the next product. It often takes many years.

Bathyj366d ago

It might be expected but they really shouldn't be talking about it yet. Sony aren't even talking about VR yet cos they don't want it to divert attention from the ps5 launch.

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alb1899366d ago

It was an answer to a question. I know Ryan would have answer the same.

crazyCoconuts366d ago

Do you think the questions are spontaneous, or reviewed in advance of the interview?

SullysCigar366d ago

You know no such thing, alb1899.

crazyCoconuts gets it!

Ausbo366d ago

And yet if he said he wasn’t working on new consoles, people would take that to mean Microsoft is leaving the hardware business.

Can’t win on N4G

Obscure_Observer366d ago

"And yet if he said he wasn’t working on new consoles, people would take that to mean Microsoft is leaving the hardware business"

Exactly. Bad news for haters.

Christopher365d ago

Welcome to online journalism as it is. There just isn't any winning anymore, no matter what you do.

Obscure_Observer366d ago

"It might be expected but they really shouldn't be talking about it yet"

Yes, they should.

Such confirmation will shutdown false narratives and rumours from idiots that think Xbox will become some third party publisher for Sony and Nintendo while leaving the console market.

This news reasures MS comitment with console gaming which is trully awesome, specially now that they own 23 studios with the Bethesda acquisition.

Under Phil leadership, Xbox is better than ever!

Bathyj365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

It shuts down nothing because Microsoft (or any other company for that matter) have no problem saying one thing now and doing another later if it suits them.

My issue is it way too early to talk about other hardware, it makes their commitment to this hardware seem paper thin. Always moving on to something else if the current isn't good enough. Seen it 3 times already

And if I was interested in Xbox and heard this I would think I might as well wait 3 years when they finally (hopefully) release some decent games with their new console.

Oh and Xbox is better than ever? How can you say that? Their games line up is the worst we've ever seen. You remember games right? It's what you missed out on for the last gen and a half.

Obscure_Observer365d ago (Edited 365d ago )


"It shuts down nothing because Microsoft (or any other company for that matter) have no problem saying one thing now and doing another later if it suits them."

That´s true. But if MS has already made the information that they´re working on a new console public this earlier, they already have the investors and other higher ups on lock.

"And if I was interested in Xbox and heard this I would think I might as well wait 3 years when they finally (hopefully) release some decent games with their new console."

If track record is anything to go by, you´re talking about Sony and it´s PS4 Pro (2016) which hit the shelves 3 years after the PS4. It took 4 years to get the One X released (2017). And if you think a PS5 Pro is not coming in 3 years or so, you´re in for some major shock, imo.

"Oh and Xbox is better than ever? How can you say that? Their games line up is the worst we've ever seen."

Oh really?

Hellblade II
Flight Simulator
Gears Tactics
Project Mara
Forza Motorsport 8
Forza Horizon 5
Psychonauts 2
State of Decay 3
Halo Infinite
Elder Scrolls VI
The Initiative´s new game
Two new unannounced AAA RPGs from InXile

That´s just from the top of my mind. Now, tell me again when Xbox in all its existence had such large and diverse line up of first party games? I´ll wait.

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NEXUS-6366d ago

You've gotta learn to walk before you can run. Just release these 2 consoles and support them with quality content. No one cares what your doing in 2, 3 or 4 yrs time, its this wayward thinking that will have you releasing 2 consoles without a 1st party game.

Take a breather and focus on making good games, that's where all your energy should be ms. The showing of your crown jewel was an absolute debacle, horrific on every level.

343_Guilty_Spark366d ago

Both companies do this. I guarantee you Somy is already working on PS6

nickanasty206366d ago

Not to mention, both companies have Teams who all work independently in different departments that specialize in their areas of profession. I am sure both Sony and Microsoft have dedicated teams for new console iterations, so other actual software development teams can focus on making great games. For example, its not like an Accounting department posting to the general ledger is hindering the ability of the software teams to work on games.

NEXUS-6366d ago

Maybe accounting should help with halo - probably look better than it did.

nickanasty206365d ago

Halo Infinite gamplay wise didn't look bad at all to me...That is of course just my opinion, but i will throw my two cents in on that one. Sure it didn't look "Next Gen" perse and they do have improvements to make, which is why it was delayed. They also sound like they had a bunch of internal development issues, sounding very much to the same tone of Mass Effect Andromeda with outsourcing and all of that, so Microsoft did the right thing, and did the thing they didn't want to have to do, break their promise of day one release, and obviously xbox series x's greatest selling point in order to make the game better. I'd say its a very ballsy move to make and commend any team who realizes that their work isn't quite cutting it and delaying it to make the game better. Now, since they do have he extra time, if the game isn't better after all of the extra work, i will totally side with your stance on this. That is a whole separate issue entirely. Give 343 one last chance to prove they deserve to make Halo games, i would say they are walking on a pretty tight rope if they can't get it right this time.

NEXUS-6365d ago

I like poking fun, never seriously - just banter. But it does seem as though there is a management issue at 343i.

Too many cooks in the kitchen maybe.

It is a disaster that's for sure.

Weapon_of_choice365d ago

Halo infinite looked very vintage, had that last last gen feel to it. Very retro.

nickanasty206365d ago

Don't get me wrong though gents, as a huge Halo fan and after the disappointment of the initial release of MCC in such a broken state, this is the last chance i am giving 343 on Halo. I do like the feel of what they were going for with Infinite because Halo needed to get back to its roots, but hoping they can just polish that experience and look up a bit more so everybody is happy with it. Crossing my fingers on this one. i bought a Series X and PS5 regardless, series X because i am already overly invested in the Xbox ecosystem library wise since i have saved all games even from the Original Xbox and 360 era, most being backwards compatible (got lucky on that one) and obviously PS5 for its amazing exclusives that you just can't pass up. We will see where Halo is headed, i know Microsoft are in a position now that Halo can not fail, so heres hopes to a positive outcome in the end.

King_Noctis365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

“ No one cares what your doing in 2, 3 or 4 yrs time”

Without proper planning ahead of time, how can they possibly have anything to show in these “ 2, 3 or 4 yrs time” ?

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