NBA 2K21 inserts unskippable ads into pre-game loading screens

"2K has added unskippable ads into NBA 2K21 pre-game loading screens, Stevivor has today confirmed," writes Luke Lawrie.

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Chunky00744d ago

Thats just wrong, shouldnt be ads, and certainly shouldn't be unskippable

Nitrowolf244d ago

says their sorry about the ufc 4 ad and that it was "abundantly" clear people hated it.

YEA EA just being Ea

porkChop44d ago

This isn't EA, this is 2K.

Nitrowolf244d ago

I just noticed that Doh!

Apparently they've been doing this for years with NBA 2K

DeadManMMX44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

This is 2K and 2K makes EA look like a humanitarian charity in comparison when it comes to aggressive and egregious micro transactions.

Redlife2g44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

It's not EA.. But 2k has been competing valiantly to be the same.

The one thing that really pissed me off is them using Kobe Bryants death to sell that "special mamba edition".. This should of been given away for free

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mrkibbles43d ago

yeah, and should not be added a month after launch after the bulk of reviews have been completed. dirty dirty...

NeoGamer23243d ago


Microsoft and Sony get rid of load screens by making fast SSD....

Publishers and developers insert ads to replace said load screens!

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zsquaresoff44d ago

This is beyond pathetic, ad's in an already overpriced 70$ game. Fu*k 2K.

CobraKai44d ago

That’s the thing too. You’re paying full pop for this game. It’s not like a free app or something.

Mandingo202043d ago

I agree fuck them. I'll fire up my Sega Dreamcast and play NBA 2k2.

CobraKai43d ago

Ha. I actually fired up NFL 2k5.

Bruh43d ago

Never buy a 2K game over $20

RosweeSon43d ago

Or £4 going on last years massive sale. Then following month it was free anyway.

Dre18043d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Agreed. It’s pretty simple. Only way to combat this is to not buy their game and micro transaction greed. I know most people will do so and not care. I won’t be one of them. .just like I haven’t bought madden in YEARS.

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SegaGamer44d ago

The gaming industry is becoming more and more rancid. Hopefully the speed of SSD's kill this before it really takes off. I wouldn't be surprised if they put fake loading times in though just so they can shove ads into the game.

Agent_00_Revan44d ago

You know it's coming. There will be "Commercial Breaks" in these sports games. Just wait for it.

Profchaos43d ago

EA just tried that with UFC 4 they started injecting trailers for the boys season 2 and the outrage was huge

cell98943d ago

But of course they’re going to purposely delay the loading

mike32UK43d ago

There's still plenty of good devs out there who just want to make amazing games without rinsing their consumer base of every last penny. :)

XiNatsuDragnel44d ago

Oh boy a scum move not surprised.