PlayStation Plus Freebies – Vampyr re-review

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"Vampyr offers an excellent periodic story with just enough interesting RPG mechanics to keep you invested."
Callum Munro, TechStomper

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Hawk198666407d ago

Mediocre game with noticeable input lag.

TheRealTedCruz407d ago

Really solid, AA rpg with solid writing, interesting mechanics and a well realized world.
Rough around the edges, like many smaller budget projects of this scope tend to be, but it's one of my favorites of the last few years.
Hoping to see a sequel. I know the original performed better than they expected.

oakshin407d ago

No joke couldn't get past the constant loading coming off pillers of eternity straight to this I couldn't handle the loading it broke me can't even Sprint without it stoping to load

Miraak82 407d ago (Edited 407d ago )

Ya I put like 80 hrs into PoE and recently tried torment but my god are the load times atrocious , I put them down for a bit and tried to play em again but the loading was just unbearable to continue . I honestly really liked them and would like to finish them at some point so I'm hoping ps5 can reduce loading to somewhat more tolerable ... XfingerscrossedX

oakshin405d ago

It sounds like we are trolls talking about loading times but it's legit gotten out of hand with some game

DeadManMMX407d ago

I played most of this on Gamepass on PC but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. IT was not without a bit of technical problems. Some noticeable slow down at points. That being said DontNod built a fascinating world populated by interesting characters and a decent amount of choice. This game really shows the promise of this studio. With a little more assets they could make something incredible they just haven't hit their full stride yet.

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