PS4 Friends List Displays the Console You're Playing On

Sony has rolled out a minor tweak to the PlayStation 4 friends list ahead of the release of the PlayStation 5 next month. Now, in addition to showing which game you’re playing, there’s also a small icon to denote which console you’re playing on.

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ziggurcat13d ago

I noticed this the other night. I'm trying to find other things that haven't been mentioned in the changelog.

11d ago
Hellcat202013d ago

It's had this for a while already

LuckyDuck1212d ago

I thought this too until I realized it was only a feature in the PS Messages app, until the 8.00 update. But it definitely made me look twice.

Rimeskeem12d ago

Bruh, my trophy level went from 16 to 250 LMAO

Teflon0212d ago

It always has actually. I've always been able to know if someone was on Vita, PS3 or PS4

MrNinosan12d ago

Yeah, but before it said Vita, PS3 or PS4. Now it’s symbols.

Muzikguy12d ago

I thought this too. It's been years

Hawk19866612d ago

Been like this for years. Only difference now is it shows when they aren't playing a game, before they had to be playing a game for it to show.

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