Original Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Twin-Pack Out in December

Square-Enix recently announced that the original Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will launch in a twin-pack physical release for the Nintendo Switch this coming December in Europe.

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-Foxtrot11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

They've GOT to do something a little special for the FFVIII physical release on PS4

It's got Steelbook written all over it :3

Wishful thinking I know

bouzebbal10d ago

So twin pack for switch and only ff8 for ps4?? Makes a lot of sense

LegoIsAwesome10d ago

And NSW will also get a physical copy of FF9. That's so unfair my FF collection is mostly in PS...

FallenAngel198411d ago

FFVII on a cartridge

The irony will never stop being hilarious

zenintude10d ago

Yup, especially given this is how the game was marketed:

Knightofelemia11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I all ready own the twin pack on the Switch and it's a great buy and it's worth grabbing wish there was a PS4 and XB1 twin pack as well I'd collect them I own FF10 on every platform. Square should also drop FF9 with FF12 on a cart/disc I would be happy to rebuy both over again.

CrimsonWing6910d ago

Is this Europe only? Why the hell does NA get shafted so much?

Pughski10d ago

It's been out for NA for awhile. Search it in the nintendo shop.

ZeekQuattro10d ago

The NA retail version came out shortly after 8 was posted on the eshop.

CrimsonWing6910d ago

I’m pretty sure we only have this digitally. Otherwise I would’ve hella bought the physical version.

Knightofelemia10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


I bought the Twin Pack for the Switch off of Amazon it's been in North America for a while.

CrimsonWing699d ago

That’s an import.

I was talking like an official NA release. Yea I can import this Euro one, too.

jznrpg10d ago

Like others have said I want this on PS physically

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