2 new cute pieces of DLC drop for Monster Hunter: World

Neil writes: "It's crazy to think that a game which originally released on Xbox One nearly three years ago could still be relevant enough to warrant constant downloadable content additions. But Monster Hunter: World is not just any old game - it's one of the biggest, most rounded, highly loved affairs out there. And so when two new pieces of DLC arrive for the game, we're not shocked."

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SullysCigar8d ago

Imagine playing this on PS5 with your buddy playing picture-in-picture in the top right of your screen!

roadkillers7d ago

Is there a movie coming or was that a fan made item I saw on YouTube last night with Mila Jocovick?

BrainSyphoned7d ago

For better or for worse it is coming out at the end of the year.

MeteorPanda7d ago

i dont know why its getting such hate. the games have a shit story, thismovie doesnt bother with one, we see constant fighting and bitches carrying oversized swords...thats the game..

i personally cant wait to watch this with mates and meme throughout the movie.

BlackDoomAx7d ago

If it was fan made, it wouldn't be as shitty as it is