Evolution of Final Fantasy Combat X-XV; Universe, Inner Consistency & Finishing Games

Another uneventful week where new releases are concerned. But Mike has finally completed FFVIIR and we get around to discussing the history of (single-player) Final Fantasy combat mechanics since X, noting especially the similarities between XIII and VIIR. We also treat the magnetism and inner consistency a universe and story require to really PULL you through to the end of a beefy open-world experience.

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AceRimmer302888d ago

X was pinnacle combat for the entire Final Fantasy series. Sadly it's all been downhill since.

GreenDragonCVR888d ago

Probably our favorite combat also in X, but have also enjoyed all the experimentation since. We found all the combat systems good actually, took issue with progression if anything in later entries.

AirJohnston887d ago

X is by far my favorite, I wish turn based hadn’t fallen out of favor this century. I do like VIIR’s and XII’s style but X to me is the pinnacle

GreenDragonCVR887d ago

Agreed. Dragon Quest XI it up if you haven't already buddy.

Fraggle1987888d ago

Love the old school combat but damn was ff7 Remakes combat not excellent.