Modern Warfare Update Will Enable Modular Install - But only for PC

Today Modern Warfare will receive an update that will allow players to install only the parts of the game they wish to play. This was revealed yesterday, in a tweet by Paul Haile, Production Director for the game and long term Infinity Ward employee . In the tweet he revealed that [the update] “will have mode specific uninstall options for PC MW owners”.

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BenRC01179d ago

I hope they keep supporting mw, cosno way I'm buying that pos cold war

onemanwolfp4kv2179d ago

going to try the beta this weekend to see if i like it. watched gameplay from the other beta and im not sold. looks much worse that mw imo.

BenRC01179d ago

Although I think putting in that 206 marksman rifle is Activisions way of making people leave mw. Its criminally op.

stefd75179d ago

i wish they done this on ps4 so i can remove warzone, i dont play it and im all out of disc space

BeRich233175d ago

you can if you are a digital owner on ps4

QuePasa87179d ago

Yes please let me remove warzone