Who is Final Fantasy XVI Director Hiroshi Takai?

Being named director of a mainline Final Fantasy game is a highly coveted position that very few people have been able to hold. With the reveal of Final Fantasy XVI, a new man joined this small group: Hiroshi Takai.

Although he has been at Square for almost thirty years, he is certainly not as well-known as the likes of Yoshinori Kitase or Tetsuya Nomura - not to mention Naoki Yoshida, who happens to be this new game’s producer. Takai is certainly more renowned in Japan, thanks to his contribution to the cult SaGa series and to FFXIV’s successful rebirth. But, unless Yoshida steals the show, Takai will most likely find himself in the spotlight in the coming months.

While gamers are waiting for new details about FFXVI, now is the right time to learn more about the person helming the project.

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S2Killinit54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Long history of working alongside other FF developers.

53d ago
343_Guilty_Spark54d ago

I don't know but the FF looks shallow as a kiddie pool

northpaws54d ago

It is shallow because it was announced in Sony's showcase, and it is not clear if it is timed exclusive. If it is announced as an XBox exclusive, then it is the deepest game in this universe.


343_Guilty_Spark54d ago

Shallow because it barely looks like a Final Fantasy. Why hasn't a mainline one done anything with a feudal Japanese theme. The obsession with Western culture is mind losing.

S2Killinit53d ago

Wait wait wait soo its shallow because you dont agree with the setting?

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SullysCigar54d ago

Oh dear, does 343 know you judge games on how they look?

Be interested to hear how you came to that conclusion though - care to share?

_Decadent_Descent54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@ 343_Guilty_Spark "Shallow because it barely looks like a Final Fantasy."

Um, what? It's finally looking more like a FF than it has in years. Knights, dragoons, mages, chocobos, moogles & summons are all hardcore staples of FF. I'm guessing you probably started playing the series in the Playstation era.

54d ago
CosmicTurtle54d ago

It looks shallow because it is not in feudal Japan? I think the reason they are not set in feudal Japan is the fact they have always been a homage to early western RPGs like Wizardry and Ultima. They made a slight jump away from six onwards, and doubled down on the futuristic meets magic aspects after the success of VII. There have been characters and elements that have made nods to Japanese and Asian history. But it’s hard to complain that something is not like Final Fantasy then ask for something unlike any Final Fantasy afterwards. This title is clearly a return to roots entry like 9 was:

DarXyde54d ago

Right, I'm sure that's your issue with it. 🙄

There's no other reason you'd say something like that. Nope. None at all.

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Dabigsiebowski54d ago

People actually like Tetsuya Nomura as director? That's news to me. He is a great artist but I'd prefer my FF games to actually have an edge rather than emo tween status. Dude has ruined the Franchise this decade if you ask me.

LegoIsAwesome54d ago

He ruined Versus XIII with its long development then pass it to Tabata. Tabata did his best despite the massive bs SE and Nomura did to XV.

Then he also ruined VIIR by that different timeline and sequel bs

RPGer54d ago

You are so wrong and miss infrormed or just guessing thing from you own interpretations.

Versus XIII development was begun since KH2 final mix release (aprox). The testing literary used KH2 engine, where you can see the city and overall idea on that engine. Furthermore, Nomura was so serious about it that he asked for the best SE teams which is from VII, VIII, IX, Dissidia etc. As we could see from 2007 trailer the game had established ideas, the problem begun, when PS3 annouced SE annouced the FCN which had Agito Versus and OGXIII. That was catastrophic because non of these where ready. The only green light was for XIII to go full production and guess what? It was stuck developers where in trouble they don't know how develop a HD game and couldn't done things efficiently due to bad SE choice of forcing engine. Then they pulled Versus XIIi team and asked them to develop XIII and help that to release XIII ASAP. Agito was on different directions from mobile to PSP that have been done by Tabata whom ruined the whole Type 0 hype by mediocrity. Back to Versus XIII, Nomura was really into it so he developed it by small team and what you see as trailers was by really hard works, which SE didn't appreciate it at all, because even after XIII release (bad), they decided a fast cash maker trilogy. NOT only that XIV released and was really horrible even for mobile games standards. So again whne nomura just had his team back, SE pulled the team for the intrest to correct things for XIV. Versus XIII at that point was really doing well to finalize the ideas and start doing the lines and whatsoever. Suddenly Type 0 released only on Japan, the XIV RR released, Nomura had his team back then after good progress SE decided to pull Nomura back (to fast developing KH3) and gave Versus XIII to Tabata which he ruined. Tabata removed all good part from Versus Trailers. Some arguments says "oh that wasn't even a thing nothing was ready", maybe but even Tabata own trailer in 2013 was far smoother, better in every aspect from what we got as final product. Again mediocrity strikes from tabata who left the project when his defenders said "oh he will explain things in DLCs" eventually he left the teams and cancelled every important stories that should be in OG game and not shallow episodes. Nomura never had a chance to develop Versus. It's all SE fault.

MWH54d ago

You're absolutely right. In my opinion Final Fantasy lost its way when Sakaguchi left. It's a team work no doubt but he was the heart and brain of the franchise.

Lore54d ago


You sound foolish, as you know absolutely “nothing” other than speculation regarding Tabata and what transpires internally over at SE. Also, what exactly his Tabata accomplished during his time at SE?

And regardless of differing opinion, I will proudly stay true to my opinion in that the new direction of where Nomura & the writers are taking the story. is exciting and mysterious. And I look forward to seeing where it goes. You can call it convoluted all you like, but at the end of the day Nomura and the other execs are “smart.” They understand that the original story is still there for anyone who so chooses to play the game and believe in that lore alone. But they’ve also established this alternate timeline to interweave thoughtful elements and expand on the universe as realistically as possible (given Final Fantasy standards).

curtain_swoosh54d ago

Tabata directed Crisis core and type zero. both great games.

dont spit ur poison if you dont know all the facts.

Nomura is a great artist and character dev, but not a Game director.
there's nothing wrong with that, but the mess that is Kingdom Hearts is mostly because of him.

now i dont know what happened with FFversus 13 and their internal shitshow that is square, but let me tell you, Tabata did the best with 15 than anyone could have done at that point.

Lore54d ago


I’m well aware of the games Tabata directed. It was a rhetorical question. Those two games were nothing to write home about. And in regards to your opinion on Nomura, to each his own. There’s been games where he was the director and they turned out as masterpieces, and others that were lackluster (KH III). In my opinion, tech and mismanagement of resources by SE is what doomed Versus XIII, not one man

LegoIsAwesome54d ago

Games he directed and turned into masterpiece? You mean that KH3 that turned into cringefest? You mean how KH3 DLC was suppose to give some answers but left players with more questions? You mean how everyone grew up matured a bit then Sora is still this kid from KH1? Ohhh okay. Sure man defend your Nomura. They better off leaving him in character design than giving him the director role

_Decadent_Descent54d ago

Absolutely. He's extremely overrated and has ruined FF for a long time, imo.

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Lore54d ago

Anyone else notice how the combat in this looks similar to using “Gotterdammerung“ in FFVII Remake. Which was super satisfying and if the entire game is going to feel that way in combat we’re in for a real treat

solideagle54d ago

They hired Dmc5 combat designer for FF 16, it looks more action oriented. I am excited for it and hope that this is a complete game rather dlc heavy xv

Lore54d ago

My mistake everyone, I meant to say “
Cloud’s “Counterstance” ability in Punisher mode. Not Gotterdammerung, which is his limit break. Both are satisfying, but counterstance is pure nostalgic bliss every time it’s pulled off