Future Kingdom Hearts Games Need to Include More Final Fantasy Characters

In recent games, Kingdom Hearts has strayed from including many Final Fantasy characters. However, it needs to go back to including them.

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Immagaiden148d ago

That should go without saying

Viking_mo148d ago

I hope so, Tetsuya Namura announced the new installment is 2022 which I find hard to believe but they need to put back the OGs and some new ones too

CrimsonWing69148d ago

I think I’m just too old for this series.

instantstupor147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I'm in my 30s, having played the first one when I was around 18. KH has always been a bit of a weird series for me. The story has always been practically impossible for me to follow - and not interesting enough for me to try - so I've never really played it for that. The writing in the older titles was pretty meh, but it didn't make me cringe repeatedly...KH3 had a *lot* of times where I truly cringed - pulled a face & made a noise legit cringe lol.

Basically I enjoy the gameplay, visiting worlds from movies I enjoyed as a kid (and some Pixar worlds, enjoyed as an adult), the mix of Disney & FF characters I enjoyed when I was younger...there's a lot I liked and could deal with just by having passable writing (like earlier games). Just enjoying the ride, albeit being a bit like riding a roller coaster with a blindfold lol. I didn't always understand my motivations, which sometimes hurt the experience, but I generally had fun. KH4, I'm hoping, will clean up the writing a bit so I can have KH3 gameplay with earlier KH levels of passable, non-cringe-inducing writing lol.

OMNlPOTENT147d ago

Or just like any FF characters. Kh3 had 0 and for a game that was supposed to be a mash up between FF and Disney, it failed at that pretty drastically.

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