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With a pandemic forcing most people to work from home, EA could have released a cut-price season update and explained that to their shareholders. Instead, we get an unfinished FIFA update at full price.

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BenRC0155d ago

How did that score a 3, barely saw a single positive sentence

rataranian55d ago

Didnt they just come out with 20 like 5 months ago?

Kaii55d ago

People should just watch gameplays nowdays, Hows it possible to be the same game yr on yr and consistently score 7's when they net 1$+ billions worth of microtransactions.
But looking at Amazon best sellers and seeing it top 3 does put a ./facepalm on my face, buying the same game since 09.

SegaGamer54d ago

"buying the same game since 09"

Not quite. It has gone through major game play changes since then. Shooting, passing, player physics, crossing, penalties, it's all changed since back then and all of it is worse. FIFA 14 was the last time the game had major changes and I have hated it ever since.

toddybad54d ago

Told myself I wasn't going to buy it but I did. Idiot me.
FIFA 12 and fifa 13 were fun. You could play any formation and find one to your style and have a good game.
Since then every single year you have to pay a certain formation and style to stand a chance. It changes each year as they break a different bit of the game each year.
We've now got a game where you have to have all your defenders inside your own box and your forwards as far forward as possible. Drag backs and skills have made the game stupid. Full pressure and deep drop back in every single game. It's a mess.

PrimeVinister54d ago

Definitely agree. Zero tactical depth.