Fan Makes Snap-On DualShock 4 Flight Stick With Triggers and It's Impressive

A fan has crafted a 3D-printed snap-on DualShock 4 flight stick adapter and it's very impressive! Watch it be used to play Star Wars Squadrons. He even shares how he made it, as well as samples of other snap-on adapters.

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excaliburps47d ago

Indeed. I mean, it might be easier to just buy a flight stick, but this is still insanely well made.

SullysCigar47d ago

I dunno, I mean if he shares the AutoCAD file, supposedly anyone could buy/download to a 3D printer?

My mate has a 3D printer and has offered to print me a stock to clip onto my AIM controller, which I'm pretty excited for! Just gives that little extra stability.

RabbitFly47d ago


Files are linked to in the article.

Nitrowolf247d ago

I saw the video thumbnail, didn't think it'd work that good but from his gamwplay it looks great. Amazing indeed

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sprinterboy47d ago

I read that as "fan makes strap on for duelshock 4" haha

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