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The substantial boons aside, however, Bethesda treads water in most other areas of obvious improvement, and Fallout 3 is disappointing in its lack of finesse. But then submersion in this world means that you quickly look past the many frustrations – the uncanny NPCs, the occasional broken quest, the ill-conceived interface, the dozy voice-acting. It's a game that rewards the long-haul with deep, inventive missions which eschew the usual fetch and kill structure, ensuring that the many hours spent in Fallout 3's wasteland aren't wasted.

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Spike473708d ago

really just about lost it?

InMyOpinion3708d ago

This is why I got fed up with Fallout 3.

Move 30 feet. Firefight. Go into the menu and repair guns & armor. Repeat. 20 hours into the game I noticed that enemies became so tough that I had to leave dungeons, go back to my apartment and replenish health, medkits, spare guns and armor(for repairs), before I could go back and continue. Killed a couple more enemies then back to the apartment again.

The same bug that killed Oblivion for me is also still there. If you don't play the game and level the way the designers intended you to level the game becomes broken. You then have to restart from scratch and level differently. I wasn't willing to replay 20 hours worth of gameplay so now I've put it on the shelf.

pukka_p3708d ago

I love RPGs and really liked Oblivion (did about 80 hours I think, but got a little bored and didn't bother finishing it in the end, but it was good). Was really excited about Fallout 3...

What happened? I did 3 or 4 hours, hated the whole vault growing up thing, didn't like the story, found the combat side to be a little worse than Oblivion (surprisingly) - generally didn't like it.

Oblivion was an 8.5 in my opinion. Fallout 3 is around 6.5 (Edge's score seem just right to me).

Still, it's just my opinion (and my arbitrary assignment of numbers to appear objective on an entirely subjective matter of taste and personal preference - just as with any review).

MaximusPaynicus3708d ago

I hardly every say this, especially when it comes to game reviews, but if you are seriously having that much trouble with Fallout 3 then I'd be inclined to say that you simply don't know what the hell you're doing.

--Onilink--3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

yeah, i do admit that at some points the game was a little tough, but not 1 time i had to go back to my house every single time i left a dungeon, you must have been doing something wrong, even when u are in the DC area in low levels, you can also move troguh the train stations and avoid super mutants. And saying the game is bad after 3 hours into the game? have havent even STARTED to scratch the surface of this game, on your 1st playtrough you are probably still in the vault at this point, and if you are not, then you are rushing things which is a bad thing in an RPG as well

InMyOpinion3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Bethesda are the ones that don't know what they are doing when designing games where enemies level progressively. They throw in a million things in their games and the player 'freedom' but don't know how to balance it properly. Why is the third person view even an option?

I know what I did wrong and I'm going to explain it to you. I decided to level 4 offensive skills(small guns, melee, grenades and hand to hand) instead of 2(as the designers probably intended you to). As I progressed I put more emphasis on small guns and grenades cause those were the ones I thought were most effective for me.

What happened when I was at level 16 was what I described earlier on. The enemies had become more or less immune to my assault rifle. The hunting rifle wasn't an option anymore.

I also got really fed up with the fact that most of the gameplay consists of a scavenger hunt for weapons and armor so you can repair your stuff. Which you do every 30 seconds. This makes the game feel flawed. Even Oblivion had a better solution to that with it's blacksmith hammers. Combining assault rifles and armors just doesn't make any sense, and it makes your weapons feel as unique as a bag of potatoes in a grocery store - "Oh look! I found a powerful gun with a scope. Now I just need to find 5 more before I can use it!"

@--Onilink-- - If you refer to me I'm about 20-25 hours into the game and I never had to run from enemies while in DC. The hardest ones I encountered there were 3 bounty hunters, but I got past them by using a shotgun and some drugs to raise attack and make you take more damage(don't remember their names, was a while ago I played it). I've done lots of side quests as well with my favourite being the hunt for the android aboard the ship.

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die_fiend3708d ago

Yep, once again a poor review. Fallout's much better than 7/10, I don't know anyone who'd say otherwise

TheIneffableBob3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

It's better than a 7, but not much better. I'd give it an 8 or so. It's a solid game, but it didn't suck me into its game world. The dialogue system is good, but some of the writing is atrocious. Also, the final third or so of the game's story is not that good. It's like Bethesda just rushed the story near the end. Oh, and another thing: the game's decisions are sometimes too black and white and too direct. Some more gray area actions and not having your decisions impact you immediately would be nice. The Witcher did this fairly well.

thor3708d ago

Of course it sucks. Fallout 3 is on PS3 as well. -Edge

PS360WII3708d ago

So if Edge doesn't know how to review that means their 10 for LBP is a bunch of baloney as well right?

Fallout 3 I find to be amazing but many still think it is nothing but Oblivion with guns and therefor no good or they just think it is suppose to be a fps and forget that it's an RPG.

YogiBear3708d ago

I am not an RPG fan. Oblivion did not impress me nor did Knights of The Old Republic. I like FPS and platformers mostly but I really do like Fallout 3. It's a deep game with many options and routes you can go. I think Edge has simply realized that they can get more hits by writing such BS reviews. I think it's a testament to Bethesda that someone who does not care for RPG's like myself can really get into Fallout 3.

PS360WII3708d ago

That's awesome I'm glad you like Fallout 3 without being a fan of RPGs :)

You are right that Bethesda is doing something right if they can pull off a game where someone like me who's an RPG nut can like it and someone like you who doesn't care for RPG can still get into the game.

kewlkat0073708d ago

I think the game looks great..but I have not done much. I don't know if I like the control scheme yet.

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