GameStop Announces Multi-year Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

The partnership aims to Advance GameStop’s Key Strategic Pillars and Extend its Digital Omni-Channel Ecosystem GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) (“The Company”) today announced that it has entered into a multi-year strategic partnership agreement with Microsoft Corp., further advancing its strategy to expand its physical and digital video game offerings.

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Glad it was Microsoft and not Google or Amazon.

morganfell54d ago

This was Microsoft not Xbox. This may, in the long run, have more to do with retail other than games. If you look at the first 3 bullets listed they are not about the Xbox division at all.

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morganfell54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I am not making it a versus situation. The article adds in a great deal that wasn't in the presser. In addition there was recent news of the idea for Gamestop to expand into other retail. I am not attempting to downplay the possible benefit to Xbox at all, rather point out there may be a larger plan by Microsoft in the offing. You might want to consider that along with the idea you are the one that took a business observation and made it us vs them.

RgR54d ago

And i suppose it just accidentally happened to be the main video game retail store...very unlikely.

morganfell54d ago

"And i suppose it just accidentally happened to be the main video game retail store...very unlikely."

Haven't been paying attention to the news have you? Not saying this has anything to do with it but it can't be ignored and was the basis for my remarks.

Oh well...

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morganfell54d ago

Unbelievable. You do understand I am not attacking this deal in any way, right? You get that right? No? You do understand that I do not have any doubt it will benefit Xbox right? You get that, right? You do understand that all I was pointing out was this might be about more than Xbox, right? You do get that, right? Like they pointed out in the press release it isn't just about Xbox. You see that, right? No? I guess not.

NeoGamer23254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Ya this article is about GameStop rebuilding its business around Microsoft technology.... Switching their accounting solution to Microsoft Dynamics, adopting Microsoft (Office) 365, and Microsoft Teams.... Using Surfaces as mobile devices within the store, etc.

This is a business buy-in not a gaming buy-in...

The only gaming announcement was what we already knew.... GameStop would be a retailler (essentially) of XB All Access.

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54d ago

Stop pretending you’re not on Sony’s sack. You couldn’t careless about ANYTHING that benefit MS. You’re a troll through and through.

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Silly gameAr54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Yeah, but when MS is no better than Google or Amazon, does it really matter?

Since no one will really give MS or the xbox much of a look, I guess spending money to look more popular than you really are is the next best thing, if you can't do it legit.

Xb1ps454d ago

So how the hell is ms making so much money if no one even looks at them😕

porkChop54d ago

Microsoft is one of the biggest and most popular companies in the world. Since Satya Nadella took over they've significantly improved the public perception of the company, and they've also improved their workplace to make things much better for their employees. But sure, you can pretend that they somehow need the publicity.

King_Noctis54d ago

“ Since no one will really give MS or the xbox much of a look”

So we just have to pretend that the Zenimax acquisition which happen not even one month ago had no one look or talk about Xbox?


Rude-ro53d ago

Mainly through their marketing and advertising through windows and very valuable assets of consumer information.
Giant us government contracts.
Their deep seeded pc infrastructure in most businesses across the globe.

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travestyj54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Why? Did anyone read what this is actually about? All this means is that GameStop will use Azure for their website's backend and GameStop employees will now have Surface tablets in the store.

This doesn't affect consumers in any way and has nothing to do with Xbox.

They bring up Xbox All Access but that was announced a long time ago and will be offered by multiple retailers

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DerfDerf53d ago

Each of the Gamestop stores will now have a dedicated Microsoft Team in them. It's right there in the article

travestyj53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

No they won't. Microsoft isn't going to send people to each store.

Microsoft Teams is an application used for video calls like Skype or Zoom. Not an actual team of people lol

NealGamby54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Microsoft is throwing their cash around. First Bethesda, now this. They see a struggling company and pounced on it so that they can turn it into an Xbox biased store. They will, eventually, start pushing MS first and foremost.

N4GTG54d ago

Considering GameStop is going broke, you can't blame them for jumping on board with MS.

Agent_00_Revan54d ago

Yea they'd take anything at this point. They tried to sell themselves and no one bought them. You know things are bad then.

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cell98954d ago

GameStop is dirty and aggressive. I can totally see that happening. All for the money of course. They’re gonna enforce all their managers to push for Xbox products first and foremost. It’s all business tho, can’t blame them

Xb1ps454d ago

Why push them to sell Xbox... why not only sell Xbox and leave out the pushing lol

NealGamby54d ago

@ Xb1PS4

Same reason they're still allowing Bethesda games on PlayStation. They want to make money. However, if they can also bring up the number of Xbox's sold while doing so, they will.

itsmebryan53d ago

They are only going to allow the games already on PS4 to get updates and ghost wire and Deathloop on ps5 for a limited time then that's it. MS wants everyone on Gamepass. Selling games to PS would defeat that plan.
Gamepass on mobile and PC will more than makeup for the sales lost from PS.

If PS owners want to play Bethesda games they will have to get a Xbox or play on their PCs that they all claim they have. Either way MS gets paid. That's a smart business plan.

RedDevils53d ago

They should make that an only xbox store while they at it. Whoever gonna buy their rip off items anyway

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Rockstar54d ago

From my experience at any GameStop, they've always been Xbox biased.

King_Noctis54d ago

When you ask them for a prticular game they show you an Xbox one instead of a PS one?

NotoriousWhiz54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I don't think GameStop cares which console you own, as long as you pre order all of their games and buy their used games for $5 off retail price. And don't forget those extended warranties, wouldn't want to "put the fate of your game in God's hands" (actual quote from GameStop employee)

Xb1ps454d ago

Hheeaaarrrr we go... now GameStop was always biased, and it worked out so well that Xbox one is the best selling console ever. /s

zapata211953d ago

Yes I remember they were pushing the 360 so hard and tried talking me into buying one I was like 60gb ps3 please

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Fist4achin54d ago

Just saying, all the MS stores closed.

King_Noctis54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

“ They see a struggling company and pounced on it ”

And the alternative to this is having said company shut down which results in thousands of jobs lost.

Which one is the lesser evil?

Xb1ps454d ago

I don’t get you “gamers” I thought all of you need to own your games, something tangible, so that you can sell it back? Ms is trying to keep it alive for you tangible ppl and you still don’t like it..

jznrpg53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I use eBay to sell and Amazon, Best Buy ,Limited Run and Play Asia to buy most of my games . No need for GameStop , selling games there is a big loss compared to eBay and the likes

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n-skyline54d ago

Makes sense if microsoft are going to sell consoles through finance options.

ElementX54d ago

Gamestop is probably paying MS for Azure business solutions.