The Mortal Kombat 11 Mileena DLC is yet another successful harassment campaign

The Mortal Kombat 11 Mileena DLC may seem like a great inclusion of one of the series' most iconic fighters, but it's sadly just another example of the bullies winning.

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annoyedgamer291d ago

I bet you and your comrades cheer the social justice harassment campaigns that have gutted every industry over the past 10 years though...

-Foxtrot291d ago

I don't support people going over the top about this stuff, harassment and the like BUT someone like Mileena should have been in the base game or something.

I mean people are buying this stuff, the Season Pass along with other things makes up a very pricey game overall, it's not like things are all free.

Activemessiah290d ago

this dude is confusing harassment with popular demands being met... money needs to be made bro. thats how business works.

CorndogBurglar290d ago (Edited 290d ago )

Exactly. And why do they think Netherealm always saves highly anticipated, requested, or popula5 DLC characters until a year or two after the game launches?

Because a large portion of the player base drops off rather quickly with fighting games. So they need things like this to pull people back in. Its why they held Martian Manhunter until the last Character Pack in Injustice 1 even though people were beggint for him since launch. Its why they held the TMNT until the last pack in Injustice 2. Its why Predator and Alien were held until the last pack for MKX. And its why Mileena and Rain are held until now.

Its not rocket science. They knew since day one that people would be pissed Mileena was missing from the game and they've planned to release her as DLC the whole time. They aren't dumb. They know what they are doing. Reptile and Ermac are the next highest anticipated characters. If they make another character pack after this I guarantee it will have Reptile or Ermac in it.

290d ago
fsfsxii290d ago

Arent you guys gonna talk about the crunch NRS stass went through to make mk11? Gore induced ptsd and stuff like that?

Critic4l_Strik3290d ago

So...theres gonna be a MK11 Ultimate Pack++ in a year or so?

Magic_Spatula289d ago

Pretty sure. They've done it with all of their other games. That's when I'm gonna pick it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.