Which games do you love but wouldn't play again?

We all have games that we love, games we think of as amongst the best we've ever experienced. Some of the games we personally love are considered the greatest of all time, some are thought to be overrated and others are criminally underappreciated and forgotten.

We all have games, too, that we love but wouldn't want to play again. This episode sees John Robertson and Stace Harman discuss which games fall into this category for them and why.

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melons423d ago

RDR 2 instantly springs to mind.

422d ago
Knushwood Butt422d ago

on my third run and not using a guide.

iamironman423d ago

witcher3 and rocketleague

Outlawzz422d ago

Persona 5. 120+ hours to finish and I'm not in a rush to do it again lol

Traecy422d ago

I had to play it again but it was the Royal edition.

Unknown_Gamer5794422d ago

And that's why I'm biding my time before I finally decide to play Royal. I actually own the collector's edition, and I know for a fact I'll love Persona 5 all over again when I finally get to it...but maybe it's just not the right season for me to dive into it right now.

Outlawzz422d ago

Yea definitely it's such a time sink, there's way too much other games right now for me to play royal.

I had to come up with an action plan, I decided I would play strictly for 1 hour a day every night until I finally got through it, I felt pretty accomplished after the fact lol

Traecy422d ago

There are many games I've played & enjoyed & wouldn't play for a second time. I basically move on to the next game.

RPGer422d ago

Dragon Quest XI, amazing and original classic, but nah I won't 0lay that very slow game ever again.

RgR422d ago

Pretty much all naughty dog games and other linear single player games. Most metroidvania games and any other game I've already platinumed.

The only games I've felt the need to replay are large open world games from bethesda...and the witcher 3 and witcher 1.
Kotor games as well because of the different choices and outcomes with characters.

brando008422d ago

I feel the same way with KOTOR and the Witcher games. Any great RPG usually presents something new each playthrough.

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The story is too old to be commented.