The Most Hardcore Offline Android Games

Likely the reason you lost your Wi-Fi is not embarrassing. Maybe you’re just taking a trip on a plane or something. I mean, I doubt your mom shut it off because you refused to look for a job or somehow your phone slipped out of your top pocket into a bowl of water, a porcelain one (And no—just because the anecdote is specific doesn’t mean that it actually happened to me). Anyway, the matter at hand is you are, or will be, suffering from an acute lack of Wi-Fi, and you want to run your device like an old-school gaming rig. What’s more, as one would expect from those glorious machines of yore, you want to play core titles—games that offer the richness and complexity of PC and console titles. Well, look no further, my WiFi-challanged friends, what follows are the very best offline Android games.

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CaptainHenry91657d ago

The only one I played on my phone was Titan Quest

CorndogBurglar56d ago

I've been playing Battlechasers: Nightwar on my phone and its a really good port. I'm really enjoying it.