CDPR Dev: 'I Have the Impression Some People Preferred Us to Be Bad for Their Ideological Narrative'

CDPR Lead Technical Designer Łukasz Szczepankowski commented on the recent controversy that surrounded the studio for the mandatory crunch until the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

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mrsolidsteel20896d ago

oh boy, that's definitely a jab at Jason.

mrsolidsteel20896d ago (Edited 896d ago )

yup, he's the one that broke the story.

Mr Pumblechook895d ago

Jason Schreier isn't a real journalist because he doesn't understand the values real journalists hold on to. He has deliberately buried stories because he didn't like the politics of the people. For example, Colin Moriarty's panel at PAX being revoked.

Jason Schreier sees himself as a hero but that isn't the case. He pushed this story about CD Projekt staff having to work an extra day for six weeks as if it was a terrible crime. I've worked 6 day weeks for much lower money and it wasn't slavery it was a job. The problem is he is playing for a clique group of blogger friends that would likely applaud him if passed wind, and he has lost touch with what real people think.

US games 'journalism' has abandoned objectivity and is now about individuals promoting their personal politics.

Michiel1989895d ago

not a big fan of all his work either, but I do think he does more in depth work than 99% of the journalists, also on topics that most of the journalists hardly talk about. Too bad he presents it too sensational most of the time.

895d ago
smashman98894d ago

I am a fan of Schreier. I don't agree with the way he always does things or with all his personal beliefs. But Crunch is bad CD Projekt Red recognizes this. They are aware of the optics on the current situation. Does Schreier paint them as a bigger villain than they might actually be? Possibly. But CD Red is also doing the opposite of what they said they were going to do a year ago. To the people saying he isn't a real journalist, I say this; He is one of the few real journalists in games media. That is just a fact. Anyone who says otherwise is blowing smoke.

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LordoftheCritics896d ago

Its business moves to group companies into ideological stances. These are the good ones, these the underdogs, this one evil corp etc etc

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Eamon895d ago

A lot of developers are dunking on Jason these days.

All he's doing is reporting dangerous work conditions. Last time, it was Naughty Dog reacting to Jason's tweet that said, "Games don't need to be so long."

The fact of the matter is, the industry making crunch the new normal is BAD for the industry and more importantly, BAD for its workers.

RgR895d ago

The industry has not made crunch the new normal. All industries make crunch normal.

Having to work extra to finish a project is normal.

That is also very often explained in the interview process.

Eamon895d ago

Crunch is more than "working extra."

We're not talking about the usual staying after work for half an hour or an hour to finish what you're working on.

This was an order by the executives for their staff to work 6-day weeks for several weeks. And this happened after CD Projekt publicly pledged that they have stopped implementing crunch.

I am baffled as to why people are so easy to accept this. This is the start of a slippery slope that ends with sweat shops and low pay. Ever heard of the phrase - Work more for less?

Work has inherently 0 value until YOU give it value. That's what it means to fight for worker's rights. Why throw it away just so we can play The Last of Us 2 or Cyberpunk?

jznrpg895d ago

My job has mandatory over time also . It’s common in many industries

Nitrowolf2895d ago

curious what dangerous conditions CD employees have come to to day, further matter any dev.

GottaBjimmyb895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

I work at a hospital and we frequently have mandatory 7-day weeks temporarily in specific situations and always have 7 day 24/7 on-call. Hardly think a 6-day week is considered crunch....

loftlanser895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

I get what you're saying but the problem is Jason seems to just throw the word 'crunch' around with little nuance.

The criticism should fit the level of the infraction. Working 6 Saturdays just isn't the kind of thing that caused crunch to be the buzzword it is today but Jason tried to sensationalise it anyway - presumably for clicks and relevance.

NEXUS-6895d ago

During my busy season which runs for 4 months of the year, I'll do a minimum of 10 hrs during the week and 5-6 hrs on the weekend. In that 4 month period I'll be lucky to 5 days off.

It just how it is, and I tell everyone that we employ over that period to expect longer than normal hrs.

CDPR has done nothing wrong, and people just like to make things a bigger issue than they are.

Pickledpepper895d ago

Dangerous working conditions?
I guess I under estimated how dangerous all them office chairs, hot cups of coffee and paper shredders can be.
Try working on the roads, digging out a broken gas main in the dark while it's raining for 14hrs.
Bet I don't earn as much as them guys.

DigitallyAfflicted895d ago

You kids will grow up one day and see this in a completely different light. I’m sure crunch is included in the contract otherwise it couldn't be done so they did agreed to it on day one. And you never forced to stay in the company you don't like working for any of those cdpr employees can get they ass off the chair and walk out!

CRUNCH IS NOT AS BIG DEAL AS SOME MAKING IT OUT!!! especially when is rewarded $$$ and applies to all employees

Extermin8or3_895d ago

I take it you have never had a job in retail over Xmas? Because overtime is mandatory/expected and you would get literally nowhere if you didn't take the overtime on. I know as a fact if I do overtime over Xmas and my work is great come pay review in January I'll be online for a larger rise in March than I would be if I didn't abd I think that is perfectly fair and reasonable. Just as 6 days overtime isn't the end of the world. Xmas in retail sector is starting now and ends end of jan.... plenty of people will work 6 day weeks for most of that period.

frostypants895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

"dangerous work conditions"

LOL. A mad dash at the end of a software project is hard work (and has always been a thing), but it's not "dangerous" in any meaningful sense of the term. It's hardly working in a coal mine. Man people are soft these days. Victim culture run amok. It's borderline Marxist rhetoric. People who don't think this way are going to take all these jobs away from those who do and rightfully so.

Mulletino895d ago

Im wondering if these crunch time criers are the same people who slack off throughout most of the project, which contributes directly to the amount of "crunch time" required at the end of the project. Sounds like it.

Kryptix1895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Crunching isn't even that bad depending on the environment. CDProjekt's environment is clean and calm. I have worked 12 hour shifts from Monday to Saturday in some production line before for 3 months straight.

Trust me, they got it made if their 40 dollars an hour turns into 60 just for an extra day at work for 2 months. At least they weren't made to do it the whole development process and are getting paid bonuses.

Step in my shoes and instead of talking trash, you'll love doing an extra day developing a video game for a fat paycheck.

leejohnson222894d ago

Same energy for nike,.apple etc? You support these companies? Devs get paid more than most and can always leave, kids in sweat shops do it for food

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VerminSC895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Jason is a joke. Every game developer has spoken out about how he speaks out his ass. He had no idea what game development is like today. I’ve seen Niel Druckmann and Cory barlog arguing with him through Twitter, now CDPR. Perhaps the heads of the best gaming developers out there.

Eamon895d ago

And yet his sources and whistle-blowers are all game developers?

Seems according to you, game developers are only game developers if they don't complain...

gamer7804895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Jason is awful honestly his journalism is most always self serving hit pieces. Forget trying to have a conversation with him if your opinion differs. He’ll just block you like he does everyone else including recently Paris.

Cybermario895d ago

yep, his ego is so big he cant handle critics, he blocks right away

Eamon895d ago

Twitter itself is a toxic platform. All journalists are classically arrogant and obnoxious. But doesn't make Jason's pieces any less untrue.

Clearly people are mad at him only because he broke the story their favorite developer backtracking on their pledge.

hulk_bash1987895d ago

Im all for holding CDPR accountable for going against their own word regarding "crunch". But the truth is, overtime/crunch happens in many fields when working on big projects. So long as they are getting the proper compensation for the extra work. I don't see any reason to believe their devs are being taken advantage of or mistreated, at least for now.

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ccgr895d ago

Looking forward to this game, hope the drama doesn't ruin it

Rude-ro895d ago

I do not think it will.
Time and time again this gen “drama” has hit every major new or returning famous ip, the games still sold if they are good...
when the Witcher 3 is still selling, cyberpunk will have no issues probably breaking records this year regardless, if by some strange reason, it is not good.
Not matter the drama.

Iberius895d ago

Nah, the game will be great.

VTKC895d ago

i think drama is a good thing. It gets peoples attention and they wonder whats all the fuss about and investigate only to find out the game is cool and they get into it. Of course in this case it works out that way. But it also works out a good way when a game is bad because it gives people the heads up, they look into it to see whether it is true, and it is so they avoid it and that saves people money.

EazyC895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

It's too big to not have drama. I notice the likes of Kotaku are already warming up a shitstorm come release...and yes it's exactly like you'd imagine :

I expect tons of things in the game to be deemed 'problematic' to journalists.

So fully expect more left-leaning publications to follow suit. However, I also think this will ultimately be good for the game in terms of sales and popularity, like Joker was last year.

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isarai895d ago

Welcome to 2020, where everyone inflates minor inconveniences and non-issues into "movements" so they can white knight a virtue signal for clout.

GottaBjimmyb895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Yea, when people talk about crunch I think only having time for working and sleeping for weeks in a row, not working 1 extra day a week for a few weeks....

Even working 7 days a week for a temporary time-frame is hardly that unreal. 15 hour days or 90 hour weeks, that is what I think of with crunch and inhumane working conditions.

Extermin8or3_895d ago

Something that sone industries do practice. Look at stockbrokers and stuff apparently 30+ hour days is not that uncommon at the top of that industry its gotten better now things are more automated but....

anast895d ago

A lot of people work 7 days a week and barely get by.

roadkillers895d ago

I'm happy most of the posts are matching with my perspective of the situation. I was worried entering this conversation that CD would be condemned. Really... Honestly... If my position required me to work overtime and I did not want to, I would re-evaluate if it was so dire. Not sure on the economy in Poland, but I'd be willing to take a pay cut if that was the situation. Really sad that this is happening to normal companies.

VTKC895d ago

oh you just wait. These so-called journalists will be slating this game as it gets closer to release date. You will see. especially the reviews. it be like stupid reasons for it being a poor game because "too much shooting and guns" or "too futuristic" or "the player has too much choice in deciding what to do to get a different outcome in missions that they cant decide" They probably already written parts of the review from what is revealed to the public.

Sunny_D895d ago

Jason Schrier is going to become game studio executive’s worst nightmare. I mean it’s good we get someone watching out for the game devs so they aren’t being taken advantage of.

GameZenith895d ago

I mean he is an investigative journalist, not a "IGN" style journalist. His job is to give us the scoop on things and report the facts as he knows it, not to become cozy and friends with the devs.

He is the anti Dorito Pope

gamer7804895d ago

Don’t be fooled. The only person Jason is looking out for is himself.

NecrumOddBoy895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

These devs are working 6 extra days (1 weekend day) over the next 6 weeks. And they are projected to each earn $50,000 USD bonus on this game's revenue which is 10x the total average annual salary in Poland (most families make about $5,000USD max). Jason is a dickhead activist and you have no clue what you are talking about bud. Nothing worth being great comes easy and CDPR is going to reap the fruits of their labors.

anast895d ago

He not an activist. He's a vulture or vampire, whichever. There is no way Mr. Bloomberg would sacrifice anything for the benefit of the workers. He only writes about it to get paid.

VTKC895d ago

the thing is he is not watching out for the game devs. His writing is all about harvesting hate for clout and making an issue out of nothing.

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