Astro's Playroom Is Half The Length of Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro's Playroom is one of the launch games for the PS5 which will come installed with every console, and it is not going to be a short game.

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porkChop970d ago

4-5 hours. Not bad for a free game.

SullysCigar970d ago

Yup, this is also old news. We've know how long it is for AGES now lol

MrNinosan970d ago

Since when? All we knew before yestersay was a ”multi-hour adventure and not just a demo”.
Did you have any other source that was more specific ages ago?

SullysCigar970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

^ Yes, when Geoff Keighley played it and demonstrated the DualSense for the first time live.

We got more information about the game at that time (July 17), which quashed the rumours that this is just a controller demo/tutorial and confirmed that it is in fact a multi-hour, albeit smaller sequel to the VR original. PSU did an article on it at the time and it's been talked about since on the podcasts I watch (like PSVRWithoutParole).

EDIT: If you've mistaken me for someone trying to downplay, don't - the first game was my first platinum! I adored it and I'm pumped to get hold of the sequel! I just get fed up with people trying to pass this off as a '10 minutes and done' novelty.

MrNinosan970d ago

So your source was as I thought. When we learnt it was a multi-hour game, but we didn’t know it was 4-5 hours.
Gratz on Platinum Astro Bot.
An amazing VR-game.

SullysCigar970d ago

^ Thanks man, I was grinning like a big kid the whole way through it and I need MORE!

After that I got addicted to Beat Saber and platinumed it during my lockdown cardio lol

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Hakuoro970d ago

Of course keep in mind that's if you just go from A -B and don't do any side stuff.

lifeisgamesok970d ago

Especially for a platformer, this will probably be the 1st game I play on my PS5

Jin_Sakai970d ago

4-5 hours seems great for a pre installed game. It looks really fun also. This little guy is becoming a PlayStation mascot.

SyntheticForm970d ago

I like him.

Never been a fan of Sackboy but I like this little guy.

Muzikguy970d ago

I think they should make more games with him. He easily could be a mascot you're right. Between this and the Sackboy game it's nice to see platform games return. I have a feeling my 4 year old will like these.

garos82969d ago

i have a feeling my 35 year old ass will love this game. The robot is super cute

potatoseal970d ago

I think the best part is that it will 'show off' in a way, all the new features of the DualSense controller. I'm looking forward to (after playing the game) pondering on the what the possibilities will be in regards to using the dualsense features and how games will FEEL in the future.

purple101970d ago

Might I point out. As wel as the triggers and haptic.

There's an improved central touch pad
A vastly improved speaker
The improved LED lights
(visible on the front either side of touchpad)

And a different raised grip on the analogue sticks.

Relientk77970d ago

I hope Astro's Playroom does well and we get another Astro game on PS5 sometime in the future.

MrNinosan970d ago

It will sell over 100 million copies minimum 👍

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