Why Xbox Game Pass is a Must for PC Gamers

Since its release back in 2017 Xbox Game Pass has garnered a positive reception. Often touted as the "Netflix of Video Games".

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rpvenom48d ago

I can see it being worth it for some.. but I tried it on PC and coming from a sony guy, gears 5 was dope and graphically great. other than that.. there were no other games that interest me.. the games that did were multiplatform I already played on release.. most AAA games I like dont release on gamepass right away and so it wouldn't make sense for someone like me.. but again.. I'm sure there are others that are more interested in the games they have available. There's definitely a market for it.. but I don't see it becoming mainstream yet.

ElementX48d ago

I'd rather buy the games on Steam

EasilyTheBest48d ago

How much would it cost to buy all the games on Gamepass?
Yes I know u may not be interested in a lot of them I thought the same, but its a service I can try games id never be thinking of buying & some of those games I've really liked & then I've ended up buying them with a discount to.
It's like Blockbuster video use to be, id rent a game as I wasn't sure if it's worth paying £50 to buy it & find out what it's like.
Gamepass may not be for some ppl but there a lot who love the service.

enkiduxiv48d ago

Since I purchased my gaming PC, I’ve used GOG exclusively and I have managed to build a library of 27 games for less that the cost of a one year subscription. There are just so many sales that put the cost below 5 dollars. From what I have heard, Steam is even better about the discounts.

I am not giving money to the giant monopoly tech company that has made its vast fortune by buying out and ruining its competition far more often then actually creating something new and innovative (looking at you Windows 95).

bikar48d ago

and you will play all those games ?

I got it for one month and only played 1 game. I wanted to try Forza 7 but it's not on gamepass for some reason on PC.
IMO gamepass on PC is not very good.

Knightofelemia48d ago

I just don't use GamePass unless its around the $1 mark even then I barely use it Steam always has stupidily priced sales for games.

phoenixwing48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I use game pass except the outer worlds is bugged and stops at like 10mb download so I can't play it anymore. Every other game works though. I have read where halo mcc is bugged but I never had the initiative to play it

Petebloodyonion48d ago

I love Gamepass but i don't see why it's a must for PC user.

1) Free games on Epic game Store, GOG, Humble, etc
I already got around 150 free games on Epic tks to weekly free games The offering consist , on a monthly basis, of usually of 1-2 AAA games, 2 known indie games and the rest are obscure titles but already enough to keep you busy for a while.
Also often you can spot a free game on GOG, Steam, Humble, Ubisoft, etc.

2) Free to play games and free week-end
Again it's easy to find some free to play game like Fortnite but you can often some free week end of popular game.

3) Sales and bundle
Unlike Playstation and Xbox Pc user benefit from different store that make sales event discounting games at 50% and more.

Now in conclusion I strongly believe that Gamepass is a wonderful service and I really love it. But to say it's a must on a platform that offer so many cheap games great games is stretching it a bit.