Spider-Man Miles Morales Limited Edition PS5 Console Concept

The concept was designed by Giuseppe Spinelli (Snoreyn) in collaboration with LetsGoDigital.

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Jin_Sakai187d ago (Edited 187d ago )

This is incredible. Amazing console design and sublime presentation. Sony needs to hire this guy.

darthv72186d ago

concepts are neat and all (just like the ones that xbox pope guy makes) but I want reality. I want this at retail.

sourOG186d ago (Edited 186d ago )

Thinking the teal blue light design for a GOW console. The magic color or whatever. Would be so sick. I would have to buy a GOW digital ps5. I wouldn’t have a choice.

StormSnooper186d ago

That made my neck hair stand up

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The story is too old to be commented.