Video: Spider-Man 2 Is a Big Graphical Upgrade in Side-by-Side Comparison

With greater graphics comes a greater game

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Cacabunga265d ago

I just remember them say Spider-Man remaster was taking full advantage of ps5 capabilities.. now i don’t know what to think when i see this side by side..

Eonjay265d ago

It's called optimization. Your code may be using the full power of the system is not the same as saying your code is fully optimizing the power of the system.

BlackTar187265d ago

It’s not that difficult Jesus

jznrpg265d ago

They all look pretty damn good considering the age of the first couple games but you can see the progression from one game to the next and SM2 really looks like a big jump.

raWfodog265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

That’s the advantage of only having to develop for the PS5. But I’m guessing that it was a difficult business decision to exclude the PS4 this time. But they are trying to give PS4-only owners some good reasons to upgrade to PS5 (FFXVI, SM2, FFVII:Rebirth).

FinalFantasyFanatic265d ago

I agree, they all look pretty good, and you can see the progression, Spiderman 2 looks fantastic.


I'm still hanging onto my PS4, they really need to ditch it to convince people to upgrade.

S2Killinit265d ago

Wow upgrade on a already amazing looking game. Gotta love Playstation.

itsmebryan265d ago

Now the graphics looks closer to my PC Spiderman but, I wonder if can keep up with the PCs frame rate?

Have they said when Spiderman 2 is coming to PC? It should really look great and I can't wait.

BehindTheRows265d ago

"Closer to my PC Spider-Man". I have it on PC. SM2 looks better in all ways.

darthv72265d ago

You should start hearing something in about 6-8 months.

Chocoburger265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales look good, but are developed with PS4 hardware in mind and it shows that clearly in the video. There is a huge leap with Spider-Man 2 when its not held back by last generation hardware. Insomniac have done an amazing job with this one.

Now I'm thinking about how they further optimize their game engine for their upcoming Wolverine game. Sheesh, I'm excited to see some gameplay of it in the future!

Soulsborne265d ago

Want to see them tackle a new IP after Wolverine, Insomniac are LVL 99 wizards.

Crows90265d ago

Yeah. It would be interesting to seem however, I'd say to let them do whatever they want in terms of their games. They seem to know what they're good at.

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Needs A Proper DLC, Not More "Insomniac Original" Suits

Despite multiple, very convincing leaks about a DLC, the only thing Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is getting is more suits. Where's the DLC, Sony?

RaidenBlack22d ago

... i think Insomniac's planning a Venom based spinoff similar to Miles Morales

Inverno22d ago

The first game came out in September, by October it had its first dlc release and by December "The City That Never Sleeps" had concluded. If you're wondering why there hasn't been any DLC for Spiderman 2 it's cause they didn't work on it alongside it's main development. It's been a pretty normal practice for devs to work on DLC that way which is why they have extra content out so quickly. Most likely we'll be getting Venom stand alone next year and Wolverine the year after that.