Guns N' Roses Pinball Revealed

This looks like a very interesting game.
Rock and roll legends Guns N’ Roses have teamed with Jersey Jack Pinball–the American-made, #1 industry leader in pinball–to design their very own groundbreaking Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Not In This Lifetime’ pinball game.

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Garethvk196d ago

Yes. If you have the money and space it would be a nice addition.

P_Bomb195d ago

“As co-designer, SLASH crafted specific game plays and actions, recorded guitar riffs, music, voice, and video for the new game as well as, four unique guitar features for four playable modes in the game.”

Well then! I need some quarters🤘

Garethvk195d ago

That just sounds great. As a riff they should have some Chinese Democracy cuts.