Video Games Subscription Revenue to Exceed $11 billion by 2025

A new report from Juniper Research has found that video games service platforms, such as EA Play and PlayStation Now, will grow to an $11 billion sector by 2025, up from an estimated $6.6 billion this year. These platforms represent a strong new revenue stream for an industry experiencing a revenue decline of around 3% per year over the next five years.

However, Juniper Research expects cloud gaming subscriptions to comprise of only 25% of this revenue over the forecast period, as more general service platforms have fewer limits on their adoption.

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EasilyTheBest60d ago

This is the reason Microsoft is spending big on Gamepass.

sprinterboy59d ago

I'm guessing that 11billion will mainly grow from mobile gamers but tbh I think those kind of gamers will just be happy with 5/10min game sessions with what there playing now.

agnosticgamer59d ago

A big reason why MS is all in on GamePass and securing a huge amount of 1p content for it and 3rd party deals... Microsoft just snagged EA Play for the Ultimate edition of GamePass at no extra cost for the subscriber starting November 10th. With that and the Zenimax deal adding tons of new 1p games and new 3rd party content rolling in and out... GamePass is the subscription service to beat hands down.