Nvidia Shadowplay 4K HDR Gameplay Videos

CG writes: As part of a unique feature of the Nvidia 30 series cards is Shadowplay 4K HDR recording. During the gameplay, the player hits record as normal and the rest happens automatically. So, that’s no fiddling around with settings, it’s just a natural process now. Considering the 3080 and 3090 game at 4K quite comfortably, recording 4K resolutions becomes a great feature for those wishing to share 4K HDR content especially on Youtube for example.

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bunt-custardly57d ago

The Resident Evil 3 Nun video (thumbnail) is here btw.

VariantAEC57d ago

Uh.... So
There are still hotkeys that you need to assign for shadow play and OBS does the same thing without a RTX card... You just launch OBS before starting a game.
I've recorded gameplay at 4K60 (in games that don't decimate CPU performance) for a year now and on a laptop at that! Granted this is only applicable when the games performance is 60FPS or above anyway and that end a GTX 1070 (in my laptop) isn't running many games at 4K60, but when I can run a game over 60FPS I can record at 60FPS. OBS is fine with the dropped frames so when the system is taxed I can still record when game software isn't running at 60FPS.

northpaws57d ago

Shadow of the tomb raider is not aging well, even with 4k hdr, the skins are like plastic, something very off from these characters texture.