Seeing The Last of Us 2 at 4K, 60FPS Makes Us Pray for a PS5 Upgrade

Robert Ramsey of PushSquare writes, "We've seen what a Bloodborne PS5 remaster could look like, but after watching this latest video from YouTube channel SnazzyAI, that's not the only next-gen upgrade we're praying for. This new clip shows us what The Last of Us: Part II could become with a 4K, 60 frames-per-second update, and it's a thing of beauty."

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Shezgear116d ago

4k 60fps with raytracing and option to play the chapters in chronological order is what I want on a ps5 upgrade

alb1899116d ago

You see, that's what I'm waiting. Enhancement for The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tushima and God of War to buy my PS5. I haven't play any of this games and I pre-ordered the SX. I hope that when I finally get my ps5 those games are available.

evil_absolute116d ago

Same, ironically I’m not too fussed about more games - just better versions of games I have yet to play. This gen for me will be the hardest as a dad, I’m not going to find the time to do any real damage to my existing collection or anything else I add to it.

alb1899116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I'm a dad too. I have both consoles but my son took the PS4 to play COD with his friends and never returned hahaha...we leave in the same house but I can't touch it. That's why I haven't play the best games of PS4.

BQ32116d ago

I'm a dad too, but i just created some gaming monsters my lady loves to game too so that's the majority of our free time spent.

Petebloodyonion116d ago

Well, my son is a bit young to play video games ( I try not to play in front of him) but when he can play it's good old Mario Kart on the Wii ( It still holds pretty well after all these years).
Fun fact. He has no idea that I have Mario kart 8 on the Wiiu.

And you know you have too much video games at home when you go to Bestbuy or Gamestop and your son brings you a case asking to buy the game and you answer that you already have it at home and you repeat the same answer for the next 10 boxes while saying in your head NONONO I'm not lying this time I really have all these game at home.

bouzebbal116d ago

.....or wish for a better sequel.

Muzikguy115d ago


I'm in the same boat. I want new games but have so many yet to play as it is. I bought Ghost ofT and was waiting on TLoU2 but a video store was going out of business and it was really hard to pass it up for $20. I bought God of War as well. The first and last are some beautiful looking games

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Orpheo116d ago

The most disappointing game of the generation whose game boxes are still clogging up store shelves getting a PS5 boost? I can see that, but I think there may be some minor charge attached somehow to try making more money off it.

Bronbron92116d ago

Lol how’d this game disappoint you good sir?

Plagasx116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Probably just hated playing as Abby lol.

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yeahokwhatever116d ago

it isnt fun. it tries so hard to be serious that it just becomes stupid.

Elda116d ago

I thought it was an amazing game with a gripping fierce story.

Dirtnapstor116d ago

"It isn't fun..." such is the scapegoat.
Bloodborne is serious. Nioh is serious. God of War is serious. Horizon is serious. Dark Souls is serious. And on and on....
Come'on man, just admit, you never played it.

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Redemption-64116d ago

Nothing like believing lies about the sales of this game in order to deal with reality. Can you please provide links to back up those lies.. I mean your claim? This should be good

Bronbron92116d ago

He’s probably just upset and just can’t accept the reality of the story (Joel died) which did suck but hell the game was still fantastic! What will this guy be mad about next kratos dying in god of war? Lol

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REDGUM116d ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... with that sheepish comment of follow what the other person said, you obviously haven't played this game.
Please don't bother commenting on games that you haven't played.

potatoseal116d ago

Easily my Game Of The Year.

Nicknasty116d ago

Yea same out here In SoCal, LOU2 has been flooding the used sections. I’ve never quite seen anything like it. I was actually very disappointed by its boring, repetitive and slow gameplay. It’s all flash and no flare to me. I think ghost of Tsushima is a much better looking and better game. Having a lot of fun with that one. LOU2 is extremely overrated.

yeahokwhatever116d ago

as a giant playstation fanboy, TLOU one also sucks.

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snoopgg116d ago

The most disappointing game this generation wad crackdown 3, even enhancements wouldn't help that steaming mess.

REDGUM116d ago

What did you do Orpheo, get all your friends to press dissagree with everyone's comment who differed from yours? You can tell that's what you've done too, it's actually quite laughable what you've done there.

VerminSC116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

You do realize this game is the #1 selling playstation exclusive of all time? ...

Elda115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Exactly! In a matter of 2 hrs all of a sudden, my comment got 20 & 30 downvotes. This individual must have a lot of time on their hands to make many accounts just to downvote a game they're envious of.

S2Killinit116d ago

Lol ok buddy. You can stop crying now. It sold gangbusters, broke completion records. It was awesome in every way.

VerminSC115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

The dude is using multiple accounts to downvote!! Hahah


S2Killinit115d ago

Yeah I know. Imagine the amount of free time it takes up! Lol

Nicknasty101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Looking at all your guys downvotes just even proves my point that much more! Funny too, because you guys just accuse people of having all these multiple accounts and friends when you see others are disagreeing with you. That’s your excuse? You’re gonna make accusations like that, you best be able to back it up. Maybe you should go take a look at my comments page before making false statements. I hate to break it to you, but the negativity for TLOU2 is very real.

potatoseal116d ago

It's a MASTERPIECE. Can I laugh in your face when it wins Game Of The Year ??? We can laugh together

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MADGameR116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

All of the PS5 upgrades we need for TLOU2, native 4k, 60FPS, ray tracing, added cutscenes AND FACTIONS mp!

Ausbo116d ago

It’s going to be special to see what naughty dog and Sony Santa Monica can accomplish on the ps5. Can’t wait

Bronbron92116d ago

They’ll definitely provide something much better than what Microsoft can get out of with their 7.5 billion dollar deal lol

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