Konami Announces Rerelease of Silent Hill 4: The Room On PC

After several leaks and speculations, the lost 2004 game, Silent Hill 4: The Room, has now been re-released on PC.

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109d ago
UltraNova109d ago

One of my favorite SH games and horror games in general. It was a masterpiece.

bouzebbal109d ago

Oh man...
This news made me wanna replay it. I forgot all about this one!! I know what I'll be doing tonight.. My 60gig ps3 is waiting

Dark-soul109d ago

Still no where as good as SH2

Gamerking82110d ago

damn it got excited there until it said PC.

P_Bomb109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I liked getting the Walter Sullivan story after reading only snippets about him beforehand.

Father__Merrin109d ago

Had this on PS2 bit traded all in when 360 came out. Might revisit it. Tbh best place to revisit games is PC if you haven't got FF10hd yes get it it's a must just press f2 and relive memories

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The story is too old to be commented.