Guitar Hero on the PS5 or Xbox Series X Would be Great

Many fans are hoping for the return of Guitar Hero on the next-gen consoles (the PS5 and Xbox Series X).

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ApocalypseShadow475d ago

Especially in VR or a VR mode with awesome 3D sound.

PhoenixUp475d ago

Didn't they try to bring back that title on current consoles?

Newmanator474d ago

Yes they change the button layout to 3 and 3 but it wasn’t as successful as they hoped. They also went to charts being made by computers not people which made the notes feel cheap when played!

Amplitude474d ago

Rock Band 4 is still going strong on PS4 my dudes with weekly DLC.

Harmonix is looking in to getting the instruments working on the next gen consoles. They've proven to be way more "into it" than the Guitar Hero series.

Kavorklestein474d ago

They should make a Remastered Collection of Guitar Hero 3, World Tour, and Guitar Hero Metallica. And a New Guitar Hero with good songs and classic gameplay, but new Graphics

Latex74474d ago

I'd buy this use to love these games

474d ago
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