Now is the Perfect Time for Banjo-Kazooie to make its Comeback

With the return of the 3D platformer genre and countless remakes releasing, now seems like the perfect time for Rare to bring back Banjo-Kazooie.

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-Foxtrot306d ago

We really need a solid remake, the designs in Smash Bros Ultimate are perfect.

Get that done, get a remake of Banjo Tooie out then work on Banjo Threeie...just ignore Nuts and Bolts.

NeoGamer232306d ago

After seeing Sackboy's Adventure, I think there could be some really good platforming game comebacks this generation. Hopefully Microsoft took notice and brings back Banjo-Kazooie with a nice fresh look!

Si-Fly306d ago

Sack boys adventure looked **** though! I’d rather see a proper LBP from MM.

306d ago
roadkillers306d ago

Just beat Banjo and Kazooie a week ago because of quarantine. Definitely not as good as I remember. There would need to be some major updates to keep up with current platform giants (specifically Mario, but others as well). Mario 64 has held up pretty well in comparison.

Thinking about playing Tooie and N&B for the first time

BigBosss306d ago

We are long over due for a new Conker game

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The story is too old to be commented.