Here's Every Video Game Releasing This October

rom Baldurs Gate 3 to Watch Dogs Legion, here's every single game releasing in October 2020 - and when you can get them!

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phoenixwing53d ago

i'll probably get baldur's gate 3. was going to buy legion but it's hard to trust ubisoft

tagzskie53d ago

Where's legend of heroes trails of the cold steel 4? Thats the one game im looking forward to.

jznrpg53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Got my preorder in a long time ago for Trails . I’ll get Baldurs Gate 3 as I loved the games on PC back in the day and want to see how it is many years later but I have absolutely no interest in Watch Dogs 3 . I still haven’t opened my copy of 2 but I think I did play it at a friends house for a short stint years ago .