Marvel's Spider-Man PS4/PS5 Comparison Shows Differences in Visuals, Final Release Will Look Better

If you're curious as to how Spidey looks from PS4 to PS5, we got you covered with this Marvel's Spider-Man PS5 vs PS4 comparison!

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lifeisgamesok23d ago

Both look really good. I had gotten used to the old Peter Parker but rewatching the new remastered trailer, the new Peter looks more realistic and that will benefit them in Spider-man 2 on PS5

bouzebbal23d ago

Looks definitely better, but not enough to make me buy it one more time.. I'll get the Miles game only.

S2Killinit22d ago

The spiderman remaster comes free with purchase of Miles Morales. (:

excaliburps23d ago

I prefer the new Peter as well. Why are people so triggered with the change?

sourOG23d ago

I think it’s just a continuation of the “Sony is anti-consumer” narrative they were trying to push a few days ago. Still bitter about that Spider-Man upgrade.

Bathyj23d ago

Some people like to act like they care more about a game then the people that created them. Imagine if you told a mother you loved their baby more than they do.

Well it would be creepy AF if I did it, but for anyone else you would just be wrong.

ziggurcat22d ago

This isn't the first time people have complained about a character model. Won't be the last, either.

Nitrowolf223d ago

I think his model looks really good in terms of visuals, but it looks too young given Peter age, so it looks weird to a lot of people including me.

ziggurcat22d ago

Who is the model, and what's his age? If he's in the 20-25 range, then he would not look too young, he would look exactly like a normal 23-year old. If he's older than that, then that tells you that some people just look younger than their age.

ziggurcat22d ago

someone posted a photo of the person who is the new model:

He looks like a baby, but probably a lot older than he looks. So this just emboldens my point that 23-year olds don't actually look as old as people seem to think they do.

The_Sage22d ago

I actually think the new model looks older. Maybe I'm crazy.

hulk_bash198723d ago

Flexing that raytracing I see. Cant wait to replay the game on PS5. Not really a fan of the face remodel, but I think it'll grow on me.

outsider162423d ago

Before i preferred the old face over the new one but after seeing this

I'm willing to give this new guy a chance. Actually looks natural and realistic.

Bathyj22d ago

I think he looks heaps better. I actually didn't really like Peter's model, especially his hair for some reason.

RaiderNation22d ago


No, it comes with the 70.00 "deluxe" version of Miles Mirales. The standard 50.00 edition of Miles Mirales does not come with Spider Man. LOL it aint free.

Ulf22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

You're not supposed to say they look similar! You're supposed to be awed by the power of PS5! You cannot even stand to look at last gen garbage!


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conanlifts23d ago

The improvement is night and day. Buildings in the distance, extra details on the foliage and full reflections on the windows. Pretty big difference.

MajorLazer23d ago

That's a bit of an exaggeration. Demon's Souls PS3 v PS5 is night and day. This is a nice improvement but nothing dramatic.

Kavorklestein23d ago

Certain things actually look better on the old version tho. Like the shutter door behind Doc Oc, and Doc's Shoulder/apron metal material,
Those little details are actually lost on the PS5 version.
But the reflections on the glass clearly look better on the PS5 version.

Both look great l, but it is not night and day. It's barely better on PS5, and even then, certain things look different or worse in certain shots or situations.
A beautiful game either way, but let's at least be honest about things.

SpadeX22d ago

"Demon's Souls PS3 v PS5 is night and day"

Don't compare remakes with remasters in terms of differences. Because the former will obviously be much more different. What conanlifts was saying is that the visual changes of the Spiderman Remastered are huge compared to the original therefore rendering the "little improvement" statement as false.

Michiel198922d ago

@Cole so the definition of night and day changes when we are talking about remasters? so now we should call small visual changes big visual changes because we are talking about a remaster? makes no sense

doesn't matter if you are talking about remakes or remasters, if something didn't improve majorly there is no reason to start using different words for it.

Also he wasnt comparing a remake to a remaster, he was elaborating with an example (demon souls), what a night and day difference is for visual upgrades, because the it was used wrong by the guy who said it.

bouzebbal22d ago (Edited 22d ago )


so much broken logic you have..
You are comparing a remake of an early gen ps3 game on PS5 to a remaster of a late gen PS4 game.. And you expect same gap in visuals 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
Just wow...

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Obscure_Observer23d ago


"Little improvement"

There´s very little to convince in terms of "build from the ground up" other than Peter´s face.

Popsicle22d ago

Who said this was built from the ground up? It is a remaster. Not a remake or new game for PS5.

22d ago
MetroidFREAK2123d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Its an absolute shame the remastered game is being held hostage by a $70 version of a $50 game and no physical standalone version...sticking with my PS4 version on PS5

Nitrowolf223d ago

yeah I hate that I can't just buy it alone for the price. I guess maybe later for me, I'll play through Morales and pick up the upgrade later through it

Bathyj23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Thats your right.

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NeoGamer23222d ago

Yes, they could've just went and upscaled the visuals for 4K, allowed a framerate to 60 FPS, and turned on hardware ray tracing. Didn't have to make it into a project where they charge consumers unnecessarily.

I don't know what the logic was there, except... "Let's come up with a way so we can charge gamers for the update".

22d ago
NeoGamer23222d ago

It took The Coalition only two weeks to update Gears 5 for next gen. Yes, that is not just flipping the switch, but pretty close....


VariantAEC20d ago

To turn on raytracing if the game was already built with the tech in mind is literally just flipping a switch see the PC version of Remedy's "Control."

What you're conveniently forgetting is that Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4 wasn't built with raytracing in mind therefore the BVH extra geometry that is required to be in the BVH and GPU power for higher quality raycasting simply wasn't built into the PS4 game. Hence the PS5 remake and while this is much more similar to the PS4 game than say R&C on PS4 compared to R&C on PS2 the differences are pretty significant. Just as an example loading is now optional on PS5 (according to Insomniac's James Stevenson here: ) don't worry they probably redid those subway animations too and you can turn them back on if you want. Even photo mode is getting new features! Insomniac calls this a remaster, but the amount of work can justify calling it a remake in my opinion. Even without those other features simply "turning on" raytracing isn't a thing. It is likely that The Coalition was dabbling with hardware-based raytracing before the game was launched considering Gears 4 isn't also seeing this feature just getting turned on too. Well gee I wonder why G5 is being updated while G4 is being left to rot in rasterizatio-land? Maybe turning on raytracing isn't like flicking a switch afterall?

NeoGamer23219d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I don't deny that Insomniac spent considerable effort on making this remastered Spider-man.

But my response would be why? Why not just release the two year old assets on PS5 as a free upgrade rather then spending a year of time redoing 2 year old assets? Sure they look better, but how much better really? Again, the assets made for the game were capable of 4K so why redo and charge gamers rather then just upscale them and not charge gamers?

Everyone can buy what they want and do what they want but this was a blatant cash grab. They assigned and few developers to do a few weeks of work getting the engine updated for number of NPCs, lighting, ray tracing, and full 4K, Then, they hired a new body to come in and the designers updated the character assets for spider-man. Net cost was probably not that much.

There are two problems I have with the approach...

1) I can't get the upgrade if I just own spider-man from PS4 (which I do) - Or at least that is my impression from the articles
2) Why did they do this effort at all when they could've just did a minimal effort update thanking the people that bought spider-man on PS4?

As for Mario, There is no chance I buy that blatant cash grab for my Switch.

And as for R&C PS4.... I never bought that either because I played it on PS3 and I saw R&C PS4 as a fairly minor remaster.

The best remasters are full remakes. And to me those full remakes should be greater then 2 generations after the original. Remastering a last gen game really doesn't provide much value. I see Demon Souls articles for PS5, and I would pay for that if I was interested in replaying the game again because everything has been updated and is phenomenally better.

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Looks good but not worth a $70 fee. Spider-Man PS4 already looks great but this upgrade should be free. Sony should eat the cost of first party upgrades not pass it along to its fans. I’ll stick with Demon’s Souls as my game of choice next gen...

stevej33623d ago

Why should sony eat the cost? They gotta pay people to do the work. Why don't you go work on Saturdays for free instead of passing the cost onto your employer?


So you care more about Sony’s pocket than your own? Man you fanboys are sickening. I don’t care about Sony’s bottom line I care about MINES....

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waverider22d ago

no it doesnt. Its not only rez and frames. The fee are for both games. not just this one. Perfect for millions that didnt played spiderman.


You people are unbelievable. Call Sony and ask them for help with a down payment for your home or car and let me know what they say. You people are really making excuses for a probably billion dollar company to charge their customers for something other companies (like MS, CDRP) are giving away for free. It’s consumers like you who make MT’s work. I’m done trying to make you drones see the light...

22d ago
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DragonWarrior1923d ago

Eh, I don't care for it but it's not the big deal that all the people freaking out about it are making it out to be. I'm more excited that the building will have realtime reflections instead of that crappy generic city texture that the original game that. How people aren't point that out is beyond me.

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