Need for Speed: Payback and Vampyr are your PS Plus games for October

The white-knuckle racer and supernatural horror adventure join the lineup October 6.

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Iceball2000426d ago

Can’t be upset with this one.

Terry_B426d ago

Some people are always matter what they get

Retroman425d ago

N4S payback was Craptastic to it's fullest.........just as Heat is.

sushimama426d ago

Excellent. Never played Vampyr

FanboySpotter426d ago

You go by metacritic so you're not gonna enjoy that game unfortunately.

CobraKai426d ago

That’s why you don’t go by metacritic.

Final_Aeon426d ago

It goes both ways - it could be a warning against trying a subpar game. Or, like in quite a few cases media outlets docked it too many points for small imperfections. I'm also looking forward to playing Vampyr.

Hakuoro426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

That's funny because I remember people talking it up when it was one of the games on game pass.

I guess what console it's on decides if it's fun or not.

sushimama426d ago

It's above 70%.... worth a try

sushimama426d ago

On second thought, to be honest, maybe I won't try it out. Not the greatest month this month.

Gaming4Life1981426d ago

😭damn that had to be a slap in the for sushimama after their post on the xbox article.

Vampyr was on my radar and then i played on gamepass and it wasnt good to me but lots of people like it and its free so everyone should at least try it.

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Christopher426d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Vampyr. But, lots of people have specific things they're critical of and it's not perfect at anything. So, who knows.

I like that I can try a NFS game w/o paying more than I already do per month for it. I doubt I'll like it, but, at least it's there to try.

Gaming4Life1981426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

NFS payback sucks but hey its free so give it a try you might like .

Yea i thought vampyr was pretty bad and i love vampires but i just could not find anything good about it. We need a new legacy of kain and soul reaver.

Kurt Russell425d ago

It's not a great one, I played a fair bit of it myself... It's playable is all I can really say.

Relientk77426d ago

I absolutely loved Vampyr. It's an underrated gem. The combat can be kind of clunky, but the story, characters, setting, abilities, and everything else is great.

RazzerRedux426d ago

Was a very good game. Just needed more a-hole NPCs that I didn't mind killing to level up.

Spenok426d ago

That's the point though! They can't make it too easy to kill just anyone (unless you're just a self absorbed a-hole yourself).

RazzerRedux425d ago (Edited 425d ago )

"They can't make it too easy to kill just anyone"

And that isn't what I said. Come back after you actually played the game and then talk about it.

Spenok426d ago

I've been wanting to play this since it launched. Never got around to it though. So this is a really nice treat.

TheColbertinator426d ago

Payback was awful. Worst NFS game this gen.

LiViNgLeGaCY426d ago

Many people say the exact opposite.

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The story is too old to be commented.