New Starfield Screenshot Leaked, Reportedly Targeting a Release In 2021

Starfield has been in the news recently due to the Bethesda acquisition by Microsoft, and some screenshots have leaked for it online.

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NeoGamer23220d ago

Looks interesting. Screenshots really tell us nothing about the actual game or story. People are spending far too much time analyzing this stuff. Wait for official information that are facts rather then backdoor rumors and screenshots please.

LordoftheCritics20d ago

I'm curious about the Hud details.

NeoGamer23220d ago

I want story, game universe, HUD, RPG element, game size, game scope, and gameplay details!

goldwyncq20d ago

Xbox’s going to have a potential killer exclusive next year if true.

Lexreborn220d ago

Can’t tell if sarcastic or genuine

CaptainHenry91620d ago

My RTX 3080 will be ready for this game

lelo2play20d ago

Bring it.
Don't mind having a Elder Scrolls in space.

Father__Merrin20d ago

So starfield will be 2021 then elder scrolls possibly fall 2022

LordoftheCritics20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

I think so too.

Starfield early gen. Avowed early to mid gen. ES6 after mid to late gen to avoid clashing with Avowed.

They are getting the entire gen sorted out.

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The story is too old to be commented.