Rumour: Your PS4 Saves May Not Work on All Upgraded PS5 Games

According to the article It looks like for some cross gen games like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, PS4 saves would not work on the PS5 version.

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N4GTG24d ago

Maneater is the same way and it depends on if the game has a full ps5 version or just upgraded graphics for next gen. If it's a new full version of the game, it also gets a new trophy set, hence the reason game saves won't carry over.

NecrumOddBoy24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

This is accurate. A fully remastered game with new trophies does not carry the save file over.

EDIT: I have to say, I don't know who hired Jim Acosta to run the editorials at Push Square but they are quickly becoming worse than Gamigbolt on these clickbaity, anti-PS4/5 articles... Like are you trying to get blacklisted from Sony?

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NeoGamer23224d ago

Really this is just a different approach with the PS5 Upgrade Program and XB Smart Delivery.

In PS5 upgrade you get to play the best version of your game for both PS4 and PS5 but game saves and trophies are allowed to be different.

For XB Smart Delivery you have to carry the game saves and achievements to both XBO and XB Series devices.

Just a difference in how the two upgrade/cross buy programs operate. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches.

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Sonic-and-Crash24d ago

i hope my MHunter World save work if there is an upgraded version for PS5 .....for obvious reasons lol (400 hours and still clocking)

jukins24d ago

@Darkwingsoul yakuza ok. But as the title says anything else is rumors. Imagine taking something as a rumor because thats the title. . .

FanboySpotter24d ago

Minecraft allowed last gen to current gen (ps4 edition or xbox one edition) transfers 🤔 different game versions same files. Could've been done easily for other games.

northpaws24d ago


I have noticed that as well, so many negative articles for no reason. They can totally explain why some saves are not compatible, which has a legit reason like N4GTG said. They might as well call themselves "PressCircle" as in cancel/reject. What a garbage site they have become.

Muzikguy24d ago


I don't know where he's from, but here in the US I've had many people try and tell me things like "everything is opinion and nothing is fact because of who says it". Crazy times

gerbintosh24d ago (Edited 24d ago )


I like how you call a blog post an article. Like any of these so called journalists actually went to journalism school

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Muzikguy24d ago

Well that's good. It would be horrible if they didn't carry over for any old game. I plan to play all my PS4 games on the PS5 this time around (unlike PS2 to PS3)because it'll be a huge step up from the launch PS4. Plus my system is spitting discs back out at me and having something that works better with my 4K tv is going to be great

Ron_Danger24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

This kind of thing doesn’t matter to me at all. If I’m gonna play an upgraded version of a game, I want to play it start to finish to fully experience everything new

gamer780424d ago

wouldn't you rather have the option to continue where you left off? then if you wanted to start over just hit new game? I just don't see how the only option of starting over is in any way better.

Popsicle24d ago

This is true for me on most games, but I hope this is not the case for the Witcher 3 upgrade. I have 200+ hours in that game, and while I would consider upgrading for NG+, I do not find starting over to be worth it for me. I can't see myself putting another 200+ hours just to get where I am currently. Not with all of the new games that are coming in 2020 and 2021.

porkChop24d ago

That's fine. But it should still be an option. Sony heavily pushed cross-buy and cross-save, and it seems like they just don't care anymore.

porkChop24d ago

Great, Razzer, Sony is supporting it in MM. Compare that to when they were pushing for practically every game to support it. I know you can tell the difference.

RazzerRedux24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

lol...I simply posted a link. No arguments or rebuttals. A link.

Seems you can't tell the difference.

Majin-vegeta24d ago

This means I can double platinum Yakuza 7 me like :)

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NealGamby24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I wish N4G would bring back the voting down of lame websites. Pushsquare and a handful of others would be gone. They're no better than CNN. Clickbait titles based on "rumors" or outright lies to get traffic.

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