Metal Gear Codec Teams Ranked Worst To Best

Codecs are an important part of what makes up Metal Gear, but not all codec teams are equal, and some do a better job of adding humanity than others.

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franwex23d ago

Surprisingly good list. Nice job.

I agree with the list, but I would switch the top 2. MGS is superior to MGS3 due to it breaking out and introducing the codec sequences as we know them. MGS3 simply expanded on that concept. MGS3 are better-but gotta give it to MGS for taking a risk and being timeless.

Ratty23d ago

I would switch MG1 with MGSV for sure. MG1's "codec" was a lot more basic than MGSV's tapes. But I suppose it's still trendy to hate on MGSV. I never had trouble figuring out who was speaking between Ocelot and Kaz either.

IMO PW's tapes were also a lot better than MPO's. Actually, I feel like PW's approach to codec should have been the series standard. Older titles that use the codec basically give you random conversations based from one character which can also pertain to whatever the player is currently doing.

While that's really cool, I prefer how PW does it because the fact that the conversations are "recorded" means that you can listen to them regardless of where you're at in the story. Not only that but you get to choose exactly the one you want to listen to instead of spamming a character on codec to get more info. In any case, this worked well for PW vs traditional codec because of how the game is segmented into small missions as opposed to older titles.

I do wish MGSV followed PW in regards to the tapes. It had some but there weren't nearly as many.