The Silent Hill Treatment Won't Work On Metal Gear

Konami is ready to revive the Silent Hill survival horror series with several new games, but the same strategy will never work for Metal Gear.

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Flawlessmic58d ago

Mgs 1 is the only one that would really need to be re worked.

Mgs 2 & 3 can stay exactly as they are except with current gen graphics applied which I would happily happily buy, please just give these games a fresh coat of paint and release them.

That's all I want, the games themselves and how they play don't need to change at all!!!

So it defs can be done, man just thinking of mgs 3 with current gen graphics gives me a semi lol

Or the tanker in mgs 2 would look now with the rain, the demo alone of that I played more than most full version of a game loll

TallDarknWavy56d ago

They should update the controls of MGS2 and 3 so they really have MGS5 control schemes and features, it would be a completely new experience better fitting than the same old game with a new coat of paint.

I don't want the same experience with prettier graphics, I want something new, and it would be so easy to just evolve MGS5 game play and adapt it to MGS 1-4.

Orchard58d ago

Did it even work for SH? The last two games were awful, and we're about to have one of the best games in the history of the industry handed to one of the weakest developers in recent times.

MGS should not be trusted with anyone but Kojima.

MadLad58d ago

I'm the weird guy who actually liked Downpour.

CrimsonWing6958d ago

Downpour was interesting as a game, but I think if you were really big into SH 1-3, it just wasn’t what fans wanted.

Homecoming was the same. They’re not inherently bad games, just bad Silent Hill games if that makes sense.

Orchard58d ago

I thought the story of Downpour was great, and I liked the new environments - but the gameplay just didn't hold up.

MrChow66658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Anything Metal Gear Solid without Kojima doesnt feel right