Final Fantasy XVI Graphics Are Still Being Worked On, Teaser Site Will Open In October

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida has shared an update on the reveal trailer for the game. He has talked about opening a teaser site in October.

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Nanas22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

There's just no winning here. Whenever they release a pre-rendered CGI trailer, people always go "FAKE!!!!! SHOW US THE REAL GAME!!!!!!!!". For once they actually started off showing realtime footage, and people just start complaining about the graphics looking bad. The game won't be out for, what, at least two years? The platforms it's going to be on aren't even out yet. Why would the graphics be anything close to complete at this point?

I'm not sure about the gritty realistic western-style art direction meshed with the usual FF anime tropes and action but it's nice that they're trying something different for once.

Viking_mo22d ago

I say let them complain. They're going to throw a fit over anything. Im just glad this guy is making the next installment. He said few years ago that if he had the chance to make ff16 he would return it to its roots. So far im liking what im seeing and the last good final fantasy i played in my opinion was 12 and thats aaaall the way back in the PS2 days

Tech522d ago

"They do realize that the graphics were rough during the reveal trailer, however, since this is not the final representation of what they plan to achieve with the game, they can be improved by the time it releases"

and i got massive disagrees for it.
at least they know about it.

DevilOgreFish22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

they spent over a decade making luminous tech demos and they're still having trouble releasing games on this engine. they should probably consider using a newer engine in the future. just for time sake.

-Foxtrot21d ago

"that if he had the chance to make ff16 he would return it to its roots"

Yet the combat...

Melankolis22d ago

Looking at the trailer, the style they used is still anime-ish, but the color are more realistic and less flashy. I think it might work and FF doesn't need to be all westernish in the first place.

ManMarmalade22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

I pointed this out on a previous article. I said the graphics were probably no where near complete to the final result.

Aussiesummer22d ago

They showed pc footage, calm down.

TheExecutioner22d ago

Final fantasy remake retailer graphics was way better than demo
I trust square in this area

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Outlawzz22d ago

I'll be happy with the next one as long as they don't destroy the story like they did 15. I couldn't even complete that one with how they butchered it into different segments.

And please, if your gna make a prequel movie let the game be better than the prequel. I loved the movie for ff15 and thought man imagine how good the game is gna turn out, then played the game and it was just "take a picture with your pals on a rolls royce" and "listen to these tunes while you drive for 5 hours."

RPGer22d ago

Movie explains things and shows complete thriller, than anything that the the rest of "XV universe" does. The game had a lot of potentials, great trailers, great demos, great renaming, great start developing names, but flopped to hard in story and hold "o".

franwex22d ago

Omg. I hated that movie. I saw it in a theater too.

I loved the game 😅

Outlawzz21d ago

Lol Yea it's a hit or miss for people. I watched it for free online so I wasn't that invested. I didn't have much expectations for it so I guess that's why.

GoodGuy0922d ago (Edited 22d ago )

The visuals looked fine to me honestly. I mean look how gfx focused 13 and 15 were and how they ended up lol. The combat looks very good and story seems interesting.

victorMaje22d ago

I was never interested in XV & ended up not playing it. Now this I already like the tone. Already thinking of getting it.
The game is set for release in at least a year or 2 not a few months, graphics will get better, it’s like the ones complaining were born yesterday.

Saijahn22d ago

There's a section of gamers that will complain about everything. Ignore them

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